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Mallorca 312 Cut Off Times

The Mallorca 312 cut-off time is 14 hours and 20 minutes for the full 312km distance in 2024. The event starts at 6:30 so need to complete the Mallorca 312 by 20:50. There are also 2 further checkpoints that you have to reach to be allowed to continue. The first is at 97km, so you must be there by 11:15. This gives you 4h 45min to complete this section which has the most climbing. The second is at 220km where you need to arrive by 16:30 which is 10 hours from the start of the event.

I have found that checkpoints can be hard to achieve if you stop too long. The organisers are strict and the road is blocked if you reach after the cut off time.

This section below has been taken directly from the organisers.

Section 8.
Elimination system for intermediate control points:

To comply with the provisions of the Royal Decree 1428/2003, dated November 21, when the General Circulation Regulation was approved, the organization establishes a series of elimination control points with a specific time to pass through and this is applicable to all participants regardless of the time invested by them when they arrive at said elimination control point. In other words, at the time they cross the starting arch.

Participants who do not arrive at such checkpoints on time must leave the race on a mandatory basis, by using the assistance bus, or, if he/she is excluded from the race, and becomes a regular user of the public road system under his/her responsibility. Excluded participants will not receive any type of assistance from the organization if he/she decides to continue on their bike. For this reason, excluded participants must hand in their bicycle bib, abandon de race, or if possible, and in the case of the Mallorca 225 and the Mallorca 312 races, continue the Mallorca 167 race, or in the case of the Mallorca 312 race, continue the Mallorca 225 race.

All participants are eliminated if the “End of Race” vehicle or the “Green Flag Motorcycle” passes them, and must hand in their bicycle plate.
Said elimination control points are indicated on the event’s website.

The organization reserves the right to change the start and finish times and the elimination control points of the Mallorca 312, Mallorca 225 and Mallorca 167 races at any time.
A refund for any of the registration fees or any other concept will not be returned for any reason if participants do not reach the intermediate points or if they are passed by the “End of the Race” vehicle or the “Green Flag Motorcycle”.

Is there a Mallorca 225 time cut off?

Yes, you have 10 hours 45min to complete the Mallorca 225. You have to also make the first cut-off at 97km by 11:15 which is 4h 45min from the start

Is there a Mallorca 167 time cut off?

Yes, even though this is the shortest distance it still covers 2,500 ft of climbing! You have 10 hours 35min to complete it.

What speed do I need to ride at?

So to make the Mallorca 312 cut off time you need to average 22km/h (13.6mph). This looks easy but doesn’t take into account any stops or the time it takes to cross the start line.

How to make the Mallorca 312 cut off times

Now, this should be easy as you just ride at a minimum of 22km/h. Yes, this is correct but you are not riding on a flat route. The first section of the event has the most amount of climbing so you will naturally be slower. There are also sections that are faster as riding on the flat. Within my Ultimate Race Day Guide that is included within the Mallorca 312 Academy, I break the event down into each section. This way you know exactly what to expect and what pace to ride at.

Mallorca 312 start line

Check out my blog on the first attempt. I only made the first cut off by a few minutes!

Worried you are not going to make the cut-off times?

You only have a limited amount of power and fitness on the day. Thinking you can just push harder is not an option. You will end up “bonking” and not finishing the event. You need to ride smart on the day and do everything you can to increase that average speed WITHOUT riding harder! Remember the clock does not stop regardless of whether you do!

Ultimate race day guide for the Mallorca 312

This guide has been created with everything you need to know about completing the Mallorca 312. The event has been broken down into each section between the feed stops so all 8 sections of the event along with lots more content! This will make to make sure you are fully prepared for the event to make sure you complete it within the time limit.

This is an online guide so will be sent a link to download the product. There will also be some last-minute content available closer to the event which will be added to the guide and yours for FREE. Once you have the link it is yours to keep and will remain valid forever.


Training for the Mallorca 312

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mallorca 312 training academy

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The Ride Harder MALLORCA 312 ACADEMY will provide you with all the tools you need to arrive at the Playa De Muro start line fully fit and prepared for the 312 kilometres of the Twelfth edition of the MALLORCA 312 cycling event.

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Disclaimer – Please note times and distances can vary slightly from year to year.

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