Coronavirus:What to do with your cycle training plan?

During this period of uncertainty if can be difficult to know what to do with your cycle training plan through the coronavirus pandemic. I will give you some basic guidelines that you can put into place with your training. This will keep you fit, healthy and come out the other side stronger than ever. If like me you have probably gone through an array of emotions from despair, anger, frustration and declining motivation.  Now that the dust has settled, the reality of the extent of this situation has sunk in [...]

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Coronavirus: What should I do if my cycle events have been cancelled?

As the coronavirus (Covid-19) spreads across the world many cycle events have already been cancelled. Many more predicted to not take place in 2020. So what do you do if your event has been cancelled? Well, I share some tips and advice to keep you on track with your training. Like many of you out there, I too have had my cycle events cancelled due to coronavirus. Now although this is a shame the health of us and others is more important. This will contain this virus from spreading further. [...]

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Do you struggle with motivation to get on the turbo trainer?

Within my academy, one of the biggest challenges that members face is motivation to get on the turbo trainer. With this in mind, I have enlisted the help of Nicky from The Mind Coach who has joined the Facebook group to support members. She has written her top tips here to help you not only get on the turbo but stay on it to complete your session! 8 tricks to motivate yourself to hit the turbo When I was ironman training the toughest sessions I had to do were not [...]

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Simple guide to start cycle training in 2020!

Whether you have had a few weeks off for Christmas or new to training then getting started with a structured plan can seem hard and daunting. To help you I have put together a few tips to getting started to make 2020 your fastest year on the bike. Consistency  This is the most important factor and one that is often overlooked by many athletes whether new or an experienced athlete. People get too obsessed about the small stuff before they have nailed the basics and for me, until you have [...]

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Training for the Mallorca 312

Have you entered the Mallorca 312 and unsure where to start with training for the Mallorca 312? Having completed this amazing event twice now, I will be riding again in 2020. I wanted to share my secret training tips to make sure you make the cut off! Here are my top 5 tips to complete the event in your fastest time! Consistency - As with any training plan this is also the most important. No matter how much you train consistency is key so you should not delay in getting [...]

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What to do if you miss a session on your cycle training plan?

Don't panic if you miss a training session on your cycle training plan. This guide will show you how to get back on track so you complete the plan and become a faster cyclist. Having a training plan is essential to improving as a cyclist however this can put extra pressure and stress on you depending on your personality. Life doesn't always go according to plan, we all have busy life's juggling work and family life, and throw in sickness there a numerous reasons why athletes end up missing a [...]

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Train Smart Cyclist

If you want to be a faster cyclist then you need to train smart. Although the training plan is important it will only get you so far if you neglect all other aspects off the bike. While working on this years training plan I have really been focusing on everything that makes you faster on the bike. The training sessions are just one part of the puzzle and without all of the train smart principles you are leaving unclaimed speed on the table! My 5 train smart principles Bike fit [...]

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Review your cycle season so that you are faster next year

It is essential to review your cycle season if you want to become faster on the bike the following year. Once your season comes to an end it is a good opportunity to have a break from training and reflect on the year. It is important to look back and analyse not only what worked well but what needs improving. What to review? I generally break this down into 3 elements which includes many sub categories. This is just a general overview and gets you thinking about the year. Training [...]

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Improve your aerobic endurance on the bike

Training your aerobic endurance on the bike will make you faster. Cycle endurance training should form the backbone of any good training plan and at the high end around 80% of time at this intensity. If you are a time crunched athlete then you may do less however don't underestimate its importance. It is still important to train at all intensity levels so don't neglect the higher zones however cycle endurance training forms the foundation to build from. What is aerobic endurance? Basically this is the ability to keep going [...]

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Do you need a cycle coach?

Although the principle of training on the bike is relatively simple once you understand the basics, the skill of being a cycle coach can be more in depth. The end result for hiring a coach is ultimately to make you faster on the bike although the "reason" for having your own coach can be different for many reasons which are often unique to each person. What not just download/follow an online training plan? The biggest component to improving on the bike is consistency so what we are looking for is [...]

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This would apply if the personal data is no longer required for the purposes it was collected for, or your consent for the processing of that data has been withdrawn, or the personal data has been unlawfully processed. The right to restrict processing; this gives the Data Subject the right to ask for a temporary halt to processing of personal data, such as in the case where a dispute or legal case has to be concluded, or the data is being corrected. The right to data portability; a Data Subject has the right to ask for any data supplied directly to the Data Controller by him or her, to be provided in a structured, commonly used, and machine-readable format. The right to object; the Data Subject has the right to object to further processing of their data which is inconsistent with the primary purpose for which it was collected, including profiling, automation, and direct marketing. 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