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What We Do

Bike Fitting

Retul Bike Fitting

Fully qualified Retul bike fitting service, combining latest technology and years of knowledge and experience to achieve the ultimate efficient and comfortable riding position.


Bike Coaching

One to One coaching for all cycling disciplines and triathlon, Helping you achieve your goals with customised training plans and regular feedback. Level 2 Training Peaks Coach.

Training Plans

Cycle Training Plans

An extensive library of training plans for multiple goals including general fitness, event specific and seasonal. All available on Training Peaks and Zwift.

The Academy

Ride Harder Cycling Academy

Our bi-yearly academy is a 16 week plan aimed at improving all-round cycling fitness and ability. Facebook groups, strength & conditioning and mobility programmes.

About Me

I am the founder of Ride Harder, which has improved the comfort, and performance of hundreds of riders. My group-coaching programme has educated riders of all abilities with many moving onto my individual coaching services. I am passionate about making riders faster on the bike from whatever level they are starting from.

James Walsgrove
Head Coach
Retul Bike Fitting
Training Peaks Certified Coach
Factor Bikes



Ride Harder Tool Kit

Ride Harder Tool Kit

23rd September 2020Read More

Ride Harder Tool Kit

By James Walsgrove

Having seen many mistakes made by others and some myself I decided to put this toolkit together to help YOU not make the same mistakes! This will help you optimise your training time and improve your health, happiness and mental wellbeing all round. Sign up for FREE and receive my top training tips today! ...
Why use a turbo trainer and which indoor trainer to buy?

Why use a turbo trainer and which indoor trainer to buy?

18th September 2020Read More

Why use a turbo trainer and which indoor trainer to buy?

By James Walsgrove

What is a turbo trainer? Basically this is a device that allows you to attach your bike and ride indoors simulating riding on the road. The benefit of this is that it’s like riding on a very slight incline so there is no rest period hence why using a turbo is a great time-saving tool ...
Ride Harder Academy 2020

Ride Harder Academy 2020

13th September 2020Read More

Ride Harder Academy 2020

By James Walsgrove

I am so excited to announce that the Ride Harder Academy 2020 is now within touching distance. This year has already brought so much uncertainty, that I thought it was only fair to make one thing certain. To help make that happen we are offering a money back guarantee for everyone taking part in this ...
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