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    Ride Harder is all about improving comfort and performance of riders whatever their starting ability.

    My online group-coaching programme has educated riders of all abilities around the world with many moving onto my bespoke individual coaching services.

    I am passionate about making riders faster, fitter, stronger and more comfortable – from TTs to triathlons, club rides to commuting.

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    Factor ONE vs OSTRO VAM – Why I Chose the OSTRO

    Factor ONE vs OSTRO VAM – Why I Chose the OSTRO

    24th November 2021Read More

    Factor ONE vs OSTRO VAM – Why I Chose the OSTRO

    By James Walsgrove

    This is my review and first impressions of the Factor OSTRO VAM, my brand new road bike! In this piece, I will run through the details of my new bike, how it compares to other Factor models and most importantly why I chose the OSTRO over anything else. It seems like only yesterday that I ...
    Mallorca 312 Cut Off Times

    Mallorca 312 Cut Off Times

    14th November 2021Read More

    Mallorca 312 Cut Off Times

    By James Walsgrove

    The Mallorca 312 cut off time is 14 hours for the full 312km distance. The event normally starts at 7 am so need to complete the Mallorca 312 by 9 pm. There are also 2 further checkpoints that you have to reach to be allowed to continue. The first is at 97km with a time ...
    Mallorca 312 in October 2021

    Mallorca 312 in October 2021

    30th October 2021Read More

    Mallorca 312 in October 2021

    By James Walsgrove

    Well after all the issues with getting to the event, see my previous blog, I was pleased to wake up at 4:30 am and felt good! It is always an odd feeling putting on suncream at this time of the morning but highly recommended with being out in the sun all day!  The facilities at ...