James is an ABCC Level 3, British Cycling Level 2 and Training Peaks Level 2 certified cycle coach and works with athletes of all abilities to help them better manage their training time and achieve their cycling goals.

The combination of accountability and data analysis can yield massive results in a time-efficient manner.

Training Peaks Level 2 Certified Coach | British Cycling Level 2 Coach | ABCC Level 3 Certified Coach

Who is cycle coaching for?

Nobody needs coaching, not like food or water to survive, but everyone can benefit from coaching. Even the best in the world will have a mentor/coach to lead the way and guide them through the journey.

Why not just download a training plan or follow a Zwift session?

Have you already tried to follow a training plan and given up?

Or completed an FTP builder and was no faster on the bike when it came to the end of the plan?

For me, this comes down to two reasons, accountability and specificity. It is easy to start off keen for the first couple of weeks but this can soon come to an end without accountability. Even if you complete the training plan it often does not target your individual needs and weaknesses.

Don’t worry if you want to still use Zwift for your indoor training as all my sessions are fully compatible with the platform. You can link your personal Training Peaks account and they will show up automatically.

Ride Harder Training Peaks sessions can be easily transported on to Zwift for a more immersive experience

Why Me?

Coaching for me is about working with the athlete and getting the best out of them both mentally and physically. It is more than just giving a load of random training sessions and trying to find a short cut. I look to build strong, efficient athletes that can be faster on the bike and enjoy the sport year on year rather than the boom/bust model! I use the WKO5 software to analyse power which is an amazing piece of software to dive deep into your current fitness and then design individual and specific training to maximise your results.

Many people just ride around aimlessly on the bike with no plan or idea and get caught into the trap of thinking they are ‘training’. They end up wasting a great deal of precious time and worse still not improving on the bike. This is a common mistake that many athletes suffer from but are all manageable through structured tailored coaching.

For me, consistency is key to improving your speed and power on the bike. Even if you only have 30 minutes to train then this is better than nothing. The goal is to train regularly and limit time off the bike so try to limit big weeks of training which may result in becoming ill and then having a period off the bike due to sickness.

How does it work?

After an initial consultation to check I am the right match for you and to make sure I am confident that I can help you achieve your cycling goals we will go through setting you up with the TrainingPeaks software. This is the platform where all your sessions will be uploaded from me and your completed sessions will be sent for me to review via auto-upload so you don’t need to do anything extra.

Cycle Coaching Packages

Bronze Coaching Package

This is an ideal package for those wanting to get started with structured coaching.

You will receive a custom coaching plan based on your goals, objectives and weaknesses which will be based on a monthly basis.

The sessions will be uploaded monthly to your TrainingPeaks account to fit in as best as possible with your training time availability but will need to be managed by yourself.

A monthly review will be conducted either via e-mail, skype or phone call.



  • + £60 start-up fee
  • 2 emails per month
  • Monthly training schedules
  • 1 monthly schedule adjustments

Silver Coaching Package

This option gives you a custom coaching plan based on your goals, objectives and weaknesses and will be developed on a monthly basis.

The sessions will be uploaded monthly to your TrainingPeaks account and reviewed weekly with feedback being provided to you via email along with reviewing some of the key sessions within the plan.

There will also be some flexibility to move sessions within the month to fit work/family commitments however we will work together to keep this to a minimum so that you are achieving your goals.

A monthly communication via phone or Skype of up to an hour is also available.



  • + £60 start-up fee
  • 4 emails per month
  • 1 phone call per month
  • Monthly training schedules
  • 1 monthly schedule adjustments
  • Weekly workout data review

Gold Coaching Package

This provides you with a custom coaching plan which will be built around your long and short term goals, your objectives and weaknesses.

All sessions will be uploaded to your TrainingPeaks account weekly. These will be reviewed/adjusted individually with you to ensure they are meeting your needs and therefore helping you achieve your goals in the shortest possible period of time.

You will receive feedback on individual sessions and a weekly review with myself via phone/zoom or e-mail along with unlimited contact to assist in any questions or amendments to the plan at any time.



  • + £60 start-up fee
  • Unlimited emails
  • Unlimited phone calls
  • Weekly training schedules
  • 4 monthly schedule adjustments
  • Unlimited workout data review

Training Consultation

Have your training history reviewed with a deep dive analysis using WKO5. I will check your modelled FTP against what you have it set at and update training zones. You will be given areas of weakness to focus on going forward along with advice and example sessions to use with specific power targets individual to you.

£250 one-off payment

Enquire about Training Consultation

Coaching Case Study

I’d just spent a frustrating year failing to achieve my goals and wanted to avoid a repeat. I looked at what I’d done and where things had gone wrong this year compared to what went right the year before where I made big strides. I’d set my goal this time the Fred Whitton…

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