Train on your own terms at your own pace with the guidance of a structured plan

16 week structured power-based Training Peaks training plans for 312, 225 and 167 events.

Train in a virtual group environment with others towards the same goal of the Mallorca 312

16 week structured training plan, private social media group, virtual group rides, live Q&As, exclusive supporting content, and much more…

Prefer to train at your own pace?

Mallorca 312 Training Plans

We have a number of specially crafted training plans to help you to get event ready for whichever distance you will be attempting.

  • Mallorca 167 8 week training plan
    Mallorca 167 Sportive 2024 | Power Based | 8 weeks
  • Mallorca 225 8 week training plan
    Mallorca 225 Sportive 2024 | Power Based | 8 weeks
  • mallorca 312 8 week training plan
    Mallorca 312 Sportive 2024 | Power Based | 8 weeks
  • Mallorca 167 12 week training plan
    Mallorca 167 Sportive 2024 | Power Based | 12 weeks
  • Mallorca 225 12 week training plan
    Mallorca 225 Sportive 2024 | Power Based | 12 weeks
  • Mallorca 312 12week training plan
    Mallorca 312 Sportive 2024 | Power Based | 12 weeks
  • Mallorca 312 16week training plan
    Mallorca 167 Sportive 2024 | Power Based | 16 weeks
  • Mallorca 225 16week training plan
    Mallorca 225 Sportive 2024 | Power Based | 16 weeks
  • Mallorca 312 16 week training plan
    Mallorca 312 Sportive 2024 | Power Based | 16 weeks

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Mallorca 312 Resources

  • Mallorca 312 resource bundle
    Mallorca 312 Resource Bundle
    Product on sale
  • mallorca 312 nutrition
    The Event Week Performance Nutrition Guide for the Mallorca 312
  • Mallorca 312 Nutrition training
    The Performance Nutrition Training Guide for the Mallorca 312
  • Race day guide for the Mallorca 312
    The Ultimate Race Day Guide

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Mallorca 312 Training Advice

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    Training for the Mallorca 312

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  • Mallorca 312 Training Academy

    Why I started the Mallorca 312 Academy

    Before I go into detail as to why I started the Mallorca 312 Academy I had better explain what it is first for those who don’t know. What is the Mallorca 312 Academy? Train in a virtual group environment with others towards the same goal of the Mallorca 312! The Mallorca 312 Academy gives you … Read More

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    How I designed the Mallorca 312 Training Plans

    The Mallorca 312 is an annual closed-road sportive/gran fondo that takes place in and around the Serra Tramuntana mountains of Mallorca, Spain. There are 3 distances that you can ride on the day, 167km, 225km and the full 312km which includes over 5,000m of climbing! Around 8000 riders now attend this event from across the … Read More

Mallorca 312 Tips & Info

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    How to travel abroad with your Road Bike

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  • Mallorca 312 Cut Off Times

    The Mallorca 312 cut-off time is 14 hours and 20 minutes for the full 312km distance in 2024. The event starts at 6:30 so need to complete the Mallorca 312 by 20:50. There are also 2 further checkpoints that you have to reach to be allowed to continue. The first is at 97km, so you … Read More

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    Bike Hire in Mallorca

    When riding abroad it can be nice to have your own bike. However, this is not always practical or cost-effective. There are a number of places to hire a bike from in Mallorca at a reasonable rate. Depending on how long you go for it may or may not be cheaper to hire. Generally, you … Read More

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    5 top tips to completing the Mallorca 312

    The Mallorca 312 event is now one of the biggest sportives of the year with over 8,000 riders from all over the world taking on 3 separate routes around the beautiful closed roads of Mallorca. I will share my knowledge and give you my top tips for completing the Mallorca 312. The route The 167km … Read More

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    Mallorca 312 in October 2021

    Well after all the issues with getting to the event, see my previous blog, I was pleased to wake up at 4:30 am and felt good! It is always an odd feeling putting on suncream at this time of the morning but highly recommended with being out in the sun all day!  The facilities at … Read More

  • Travelling to the Mallorca 312 during COVID with a happy ending

    Flying can be stressful enough in normal circumstances but catching a 6 am flight during a pandemic certainly increases the stakes! So my alarm was set for 1 am after a busy evening of packing up the demo Factor bike which only arrived a few hours earlier!  There was no traffic on route so arrived … Read More

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    Mallorca 312 – More than a Gran Fondo

    This is my favourite sportive and my second year of riding it so I now know what to expect so can hopefully complete it faster than last year. The event consists of 8000 riders tackling 15,000ft of climbing over 312km on closed roads. There are also options of riding 167km or 225km on the day … Read More

  • mallorca 312

    First attempt at the Mallorca 312

    I entered this event some time ago as has been on my list to do but sells out fast so didn’t want to miss out! The plan was to loose a few kilo’s over the winter in preparation for the climbing but alas failed to hit ‘racing weight’. The event consists of 312km with 16,000ft … Read More



Ride Harder - Official coaching partner of the Mallorca 312

What is the Mallorca 312 Academy?

The Ride Harder MALLORCA 312 ACADEMY will provide you with all the tools you need to arrive at the Playa De Muro start line fully fit and prepared for the 312 kilometres of the Twelfth edition of the MALLORCA 312 cycling event.


By Joining the Ride Harder MALLORCA 312 ACADEMY, you will become part of a community of like-minded cyclists all striving for the same goal, armed with 16 weeks of structured training sessions, virtual group rides, friendly discussions, live Q&As and exclusive online resources.

What You Get


You will receive 16 weeks of carefully planned bike workouts that can be completed in your own time, outdoors or on the cycling platform of your choice, structured in a way to fit in with your busy life

The plan will take you through several phases from building a strong, solid base, to gradually increasing your threshold power with weekly and monthly goals


Building your base fitness and climbing ability so that you complete the event

Continue to build the aerobic engine and learn how to pace yourself for the start of the event. We will look at the intensity and cadence that will be required during the event for the early climbs


Build that important muscular endurance so that you can make the finish line within the cut-off time.

During this phase, we will be building Muscular Endurance which is essential for completing the event and making those strict cut-off times. You will be given the exact training needed to complete the challenge along with event-specific sessions.


Raise your fitness ceiling so that you can push on and attack those short climbs on tired legs

Work on that fatigue resistance to simulate late in the event when the legs are tired but you still need to dig deep on those short shart climbs!


Peak your cycling fitness so you are confident you have the ability to complete the event!

The biggest training block in the plan along with the perfect taper into the event so you are fresh and fit to complete the event!


You will be invited to join the Academy’s private virtual group rides. A social event that will allow you to get to know your fellow academy scholars as well getting to know some of the roads you will be riding on, all while building up that crucial aerobic base.

The majority of the rides will take place using the ZWIFT. There will be additional rides on RGT and ROUVY cycling software platforms (depending on demand). This will allow you to experience some of the course routes.


You will be invited to join other academy scholars online in an exclusive private Facebook community. Here you will have access to the official Mallorca 312 coach who will answer any questions and provide support throughout the duration of the plan.

You will have the opportunity to virtually meet other event participants and participates in friendly discussions leading up to the event.


Members will have exclusive access to a number of helpful online resources such as videos and articles on a variety of event-specific topics such as travel guides, nutritional advice, mental techniques etc.

All advice is provided by experts who have completed the event several times to help give you the edge.



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