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Do you need a cycle coach?

Although the principle of training on the bike is relatively simple once you understand the basics, the skill of being a cycle coach can be more in depth. The end result for hiring a coach is ultimately to make you faster on the bike although the “reason” for having your own coach can be different for many reasons which are often unique to each person.

What not just download/follow an online training plan?

The biggest component to improving on the bike is consistency so what we are looking for is a way of achieving this. Purchasing a well devised training plan might achieve the desired outcomes for some but have a think about how many times you have tried this approach and failed? Most of us need to be accountable and at times challenged.

Now although I have a slightly biased take on this I can however appreciate both sides of the coin being a coach and a coached athlete. There is no “magic” session that a coach will prescribe no matter how good they are however they will monitor your progression against your goals and importantly give you accountability and feedback thus more likely to achieve your goals.

How to pick the coach that is right for you?

You need to pick your coach carefully as the relationship is very important and similar to a marriage at times so you have to fully trust them and the plan. I see so many athletes jump from pillar to post with the latest training idea from their mate and failing every season with their goals. I would also not necessarily go for the cheapest either, there is a saying that you get what you pay for but also I find the more you invest in your personal development the more serious you take it. How many times have you subscribed to or purchased something cheap online to ignore it?  

Are you a busy athlete trying to work, life and training?

One of my athletes talks about how having a coach reduces her decision making fatigue.  A strange concept but its very true when you get your head around it. She is busy with work and life but has ambitious goals, having a coached plan means someone else is taking on the responsibility of planning thus reducing her decision making fatigue.

My top 5 reasons for hiring a coach

  1. Accountability – This is right up there as it is amazing how it motivates you to get that dreaded session in knowing that someone will be looking to see if you completed it!
  2. Motivation – Often this can be hard when training on your own and receiving positive feedback can really help to keep you motivated on the long term plan
  3. Time – For me this is crucial as we are all time poor. I used to spend hours on my own training and going round in circles but found someone else looking in from above can really help see the obvious.
  4. Knowledge – Nobody knows everything and we can all learn from others. Often I find people just get in a rut of doing the same old training and need to think outside the box and mix it up.  “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results”
  5. Support – It can be lonely training at times as we spend most of our time doing this alone so having someone to share issues, thoughts and things I am struggling with really helps keep things in perspective.


Hopefully that has helped answer the initial question of “Do you need a cycle coach?” but if you have any other points to add then get in touch or add your comment below.

How to find a cycle coach near me?

If you are looking to hire a coach then Training Peaks and British Cycling both have a directory of coaches who are accredited or you can get in touch to see how we can help you achieve you cycling goals. #makingyoufaster #trainsmart

James Walsgrove

My cycling career started in 2005 when I purchased my first road bike and I was immediately hooked. Since then I have completed numerous cycling challenges including Ironman, Lands’ End to John O Groats, Mt Ventoux (all 3 ascents), London to Paris, the BBAR challenge which included a 12hour TimeTrial, Ride London and the Mallorca 312 6 times now.

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