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What to do when you reach your “SMART” goals? Make them “SMARTER”

We are now coming up towards the end of the first quarter of 2019 and it’s a great opportunity to review your goals that you set at the start of the year. Hopefully if you set realistic goals then you should be able to mark at least one of them as complete no matter how small it may seem but remember to focus on the long term goal.
“Rome wasn’t built in a day but they were laying bricks every hour”
If you haven’t yet read my blog about goal setting then I would encourage you to check it out here.
Going back to the the SMART principle there is now something to add which makes them SMARTER check out the below..
  • Enjoy – Once you reach a goal it is important to enjoy the moment and the feeling of achievement which will help you to achieve further goals and keep you on track.
  • Reward – This is where people generally go wrong and reward themselves with the things that put them further away from their goals in the first place such as overeating or drinking etc. Why not try something different as a reward such as a day out doing something fun or treating yourself to something that will help you achieve that next goal.
You will be amazed at how much momentum you get in this cycle once you get going on the treadmill of goal setting and achieving.
Keep reaching and challenging yourself!
James Walsgrove

My cycling career started in 2005 when I purchased my first road bike and I was immediately hooked. Since then I have completed numerous cycling challenges including Ironman, Lands’ End to John O Groats, Mt Ventoux (all 3 ascents), London to Paris, the BBAR challenge which included a 12hour TimeTrial and more recently the Mallorca 312.

2 thoughts on “What to do when you reach your “SMART” goals? Make them “SMARTER”

  1. Thanks James. I’ve just come back from my first ride this year. My goal at Christmas was to get out before the end of March. I broke my collar bone in late August and hadn’t been out other than a short commute. My ride today was only about 40k but you’re right, I do feel good and am patting my own back. My next ride will be mentally easier now

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