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Travelling from Palma Airport with a Bike Box

When you arrive at Palma Airport the first thing you will need to do is collect your luggage. Any suitcases will come out on the assigned belt for your flight but bike boxes come out at Oversized Luggage on belt 17 at the far end. 

Most people will generally stay on the east of the island and there are 3 main options to get there. Depending on how many there are of you then costs vary. The costs quoted are approx as will depend on where you are staying but this is an average to give you an idea.

Travel options

Public Bus (£10 approx)

This is the cheapest option. Bus stop right outside the airport and It would be the 300 line you would need.  Timetable available online.

Shuttle Bus – Shuttle Transunion (Reurn £45 approx which includes bike box)

This is a low cost, quick and efficient shared transport, from the airport to your hotel (or accommodation) and from your hotel (or accommodation) to the airport. They guarantee your transport and a maximum waiting time in the airport of 60 minutes even if a flight is delayed.

NOTE – Bookings should be made at least 72 hours beforehand. It also did only operate from 1st April to 31st October when last checked.

Taxi (£80 approx each way which can be split by up to 4 people. Additional cost for bike box of £5+ each)

I recommend the following company. Super reliable and plenty of vehicle options available for larger groups.

Of course, you can always hire a car. If you need a car when you are there then this is obviously a good option however can be expensive if you are just using it for travel to and from the airport. Car hire has risen dramatically so not as cheap as it used to be.

James Walsgrove

My cycling career started in 2005 when I purchased my first road bike and I was immediately hooked. Since then I have completed numerous cycling challenges including Ironman, Lands’ End to John O Groats, Mt Ventoux (all 3 ascents), London to Paris, the BBAR challenge which included a 12hour TimeTrial and more recently the Mallorca 312.

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