Well Darren went to bed last night at 8pm to prepare himself for today although he said he woke up in the middle of the night with sweat pouring off him. He awoke thinking he had a chest infection although later in the day convinced himself it was just a bad case of hay fever!

Now Les has done a fantastic job as support crew by packing our bags up in the car and meeting us to refuel on route however let himself down when it came to the shopping list. We had asked for porridge pots so can make it in the room before we leave however brought normal porridge which said for best results cook on hop or in a microwave, we choose our own option of just using hot water which as Darren put it turned out to be drinking hot water with bits floating in it.

The mornings are becoming a little less stressful now due to the fact that Darren is not so keen to get dressed and stand by the door waiting to go now!

After a few slow miles at the end of each day due to lack of energy we decided to go for a 2 stop strategy to re-fuel that even McClaren would have been proud of.



The majority of today’s ride was on main roads going through Warrington, Wigan and Preston, which Darren preferred as a distraction to riding rather than finding himself talking to the sheep as we pass by.



We had our first case of road rage coming into Warrington with the usual “w**ker” sign at us!

Our destination for the day was Kendal which to be honest came too early for me as felt fine today although I think Darren was secretly pleased!

We are due to be live on BBC Radio Norfolk @ 10am in the morning if anybody wants to tune in? If anybody wants to donate the link is below!


Todays ride