When planning this trip, in a very loose term, my first thought was to ride from top to bottom with the thought of it being downhill however I learnt that the correct way was to go the other direction so you have the prevailing wind. The time of year to attempt the challenge was also chosen with the thought of better weather. Now I am sitting here writing this after getting soaked for two days riding into a headwind. You just could not write it.

After a brutal Day 1 we thought this day should be much easier and had planned for around 70miles but due to lack of accomodation choices we had to extend this to around 85miles to get to Weston-Super Mare!

The alarm went off at 5.30am and it felt like ground hog day although this time we did at least have tea and porridge. With more rain forecast the objective was to get the miles under our belt first so set sail at round 6.30. My brother was quite surprised at how his arse felt getting back on the bike and changed his mind with regards to what was going to be his limiting factor, fitness rather than is ass as we made the first climb of the day.

Today was much better with lots of flat along the way with some rolling hills. We made it to the cafe stop succesfully and the weather was glorious!

Now I’m not sure what Darren was most shocked about with regards to my toilet stops, the number of them or public indecency of them? He is slowly coming round to the fact that when you’ve got to go you’ve got to go!

I seem to be having Garmin issues during the trip as lost the first half of todays ride incase anybody was checking Strava we have not cheated!

After 2 periods of getting absolutely soaked we finally rolled into Weston-Super Mare which was our destination for the evening. It was nice to actually finish at a respectable time to get everything sorted ready for the next day.

My first job was to wash the bikes again and thought it was a little odd that the hotel had a dog washing area with a hose pipe etc?! When we went in it soon become apparent as was more like a care home than an hotel with gates on the stairs and an area to park your walking trolly!

After a couple of beers and a nice meal, not in the hotel, we thought we would have a night cap as they had a live singer on! We reduced the average age of the crowd in half i should think when we walked in!.

We have left Les in the bar with the locals while we retired for the night ready for what delights tomorrow brings. Hopefully we will not need a table for 4 at breakfast and he only just finishes his drink!

195miles done……..