Well Darren’s drug taking habit is getting early each morning as I awoke around midnight to the rustle of bags as he looked for his tablets, it is like a heroine addict getting his next fix!

The alarm went off at the usual 5.30 for the normal morning ritual of porridge, tea, shower and chamois cream! Darren said he had the most horrendous headache in the night which I put down to dehydration and think a glass of water by his bed would have been a better option than a bottle of Magners!

Todays ride was going to see us head though Carlise with quite a bit of climbing which again seemed to start from the off! Darren found the roads “sticky” today which I think was his way of saying he was struggling early on. We had done over 1500ft of climbing within the first hour so I will admit it was a tough start. It was also very cold and my Garmin recorded 3.4deg which was a little cold as we cycled in our shorts and jersey!


Now today was my favourite day so far with some stunning scenery on route and lots of sheep. I did quite enjoy watching a sheep waiting  for the little lamb that was calling out then they trotted off together. It then got me thinking how does each lamb know which one is their mum when they all look the same? I also now feel bad for having lamb last night, don’t worry I’m not going veggie just yet!

We stopped for breakfast in Penrith as Darren had his 5min of fame on the radio promoting the charity. I managed to get everybody we know to tune into Radio Norfolk but unfortunately it only made it to North Norfolk Radio and meant that everybody just got an hour of country music!

IMG_3620Carlise was a little tricky to navigate round especially on a Saturday but we made it out the other side safely and arrived at Gretna Green in Scotland. Now without actually looking at a map you would think we are nearly there but its still a long way to the top! We met Les and had a pie and a cup of tea with him. Darren than got panicky that he had not put his chamois cream and was playing on his mind so just incase he sat in the back of the car and “applied himself”!  It was then  just a case of riding alongside the M6 on a lovely quiet A road until arrived at our destination which was just above Lockerbie.

Todays ride