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Ride Harder Plan 16 Weeks

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The complete power-based cycling plan to make you FASTER. This is the exact plan that was used within my successful 2022/23 Ride Harder Academy!

Don’t forget the plan is yours to keep so you can start when you want and re-use it as many times as you wish!

Device Required

Power, Heart Rate

Weekly Volume

Low, Medium

Plan Duration


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16 weeks too long? Try our 12 week plan

yoga for cycling


Yoga sessions are now included in this plan!

Yoga specifically created for cyclists included FREE with this training plan. This programme has been created by KMC Yoga and will give you the exact sessions required to assist you with comfort and performance on the bike!


Have you downloaded training plans in the past and not stuck to them?

Did you complete the training plan but were not faster on the bike when riding outside?

If this sounds like you then THIS plan is for you!! This is the exact plan that was used within my successful 2022/23 Ride Harder Academy

I believe that to become faster on the bike it is not just about prescribing training sessions but rather the complete package including wellness (mind/body), mobility/strength, nutrition and practical advice on and off the bike.

That is where this plan is different from any other plan out there on Training Peaks. As we go through the full 16-week programme not only will we be training all the physiological systems needed to become faster you will also be working on your mental strength so that you stick to the plan. You will be given practical advice throughout to make you a more efficient cyclist meaning you will be faster without any additional effort. Every session you will be guided as to the why and how this fits into the bigger picture so you have the skills and knowledge to take ownership of YOUR training, complete the plan and keep up with your training partners on the road or within Zwift!

The plan generally consists of 2 key turbo sessions during the week, an optional session on Saturday and a longer ride on Sunday which can be done outside. These can be moved around to suit your work/family life situation.

Still, want to train on Zwift?

Don’t worry all the training sessions are able to either be downloaded for Zwift or even linked to your personal Training Peaks account so you can just log on and your session will be there for you to complete online. To make it easy I have also provided a link in the plan to download all of the 16 weeks worth of sessions.

Do I need a Heart Rate Monitor or Power Meter?

To complete the workouts, you will need at least 1 of these things! All workouts can be completed with just a heart rate monitor, as we will go through the process of determining your HR zones. However, some of the shorter workouts are more suited to do on an indoor trainer which has a built in power meter. If it’s glorious outside and you don’t have a power meter on your bike, don’t worry! The workouts can easily be converted to HR zones!

If you have an indoor trainer and a power meter for outside, happy days!

Plan Outline

Week 1-4 Skills
During the first phase of the plan, we will be setting your custom training zones and look to start creating consistency with training. The sessions will work on improving your pedal stroke and other techniques to make you more efficient as a cyclist. We will be working on different techniques to help you build good habits and accountability which will aid in getting the training completed.

Week 5-8 Base
As we move into the next phase we will be building your aerobic engine working and your base fitness which is the building block of all good cyclists. We will be working on not only endurance but your strength also through on the bike training along with continuing the off the bike conditioning.

Week 9-12 Build
Within this block, we will be progressively increasing your threshold power and the ability to hold this for longer periods on the bike. This is often overlooked but will make you a faster cyclist. Intensity and volume will both be increased as we look to build on previous sessions.

Week 13-16 Peak
Now we have achieved a good base this block will look at pushing your fitness ceiling higher and address any fitness limiters you may have. As the sessions increase further we will continue to work with the train smart fundamentals of conditioning, wellness and nutrition building a fast, efficient healthy cyclist.

What are you waiting for then? Do you want to be faster on the bike in 16 weeks then this plan is all you need and for less than a coffee per day!

What is the difference between the Ride Harder Academy and this plan?

So the Ride Harder Plan is a fully self-supported option where you would have the plan delivered via Trainingpeaks and go through it yourself. This is also the previous year’s Academy programme with regards to sessions and content. The Academy takes on the updated Ride Harder Plan and is delivered within a group environment where I am available in a Facebook group and during the online group rides for any questions or support. The Academy is only open once a year to new members.

Do you have any more questions?

Click here for further details on this plan and plenty of testimonials from clients who have gone through the same programme within my academy community! You can also reach out to me by email at

Additional information

Device Required

Power, Heart Rate

Weekly Volume

Low, Medium

Plan Duration


7 reviews for Ride Harder Plan 16 Weeks

  1. Carl Morris

    FTP up and body weight down! I only started cycling in April 2020 due to lockdown and after doing it for a few months I wanted to progress so started looking at training plans but didn’t know what sort of training to go for so thought it would be a good idea to sign up to the Ride Harder 16 week Plan.
    I am so glad I did as my fitness and overall knowledge are improving, and I can’t wait to continue.

  2. Mike Woods (@the_essex_cyclist)

    My FTP went from 244w to 269w after 16 weeks. Starting the Advanced Plan now!

  3. Daniel Ward (Triathlon Dan, YouTube)

    Hit my biggest ever FTP! The plan ensured that I wasn’t wasting time on inefficient training and was maximising the fitness gains I made. The plan also gave me the knowledge to understand the specific purpose of each training session as well as periodisation as a whole. The volume was manageable and meant that I could re-arrange my training week around life commitments without missing key training sessions, James highlighted within TrainingPeaks which sessions are “key” and which sessions are “optional” which really helped me manage my training for the best possible results.
    I think that this plan is excellent both for athletes who haven’t been coached before and are looking for a halfway step at a reduced cost for an entry to structured training, as well as those who have extensive experience and so wish to have more control and input into their training plan.
    I follow this plan year after year with continued improvements and hope that many others will #TrainSmart and #RideHarder“”

  4. Vernon Anderson

    I started working with James at the very beginning of Ride Harder as I wanted to add some structure to my bike training through the winter as I moved towards Triathlon more seriously.
    I consider this one of the best decisions I could make, as James’ approach to the first of the Winter plans was superb and shows in the way it has grown to this point.
    My Triathlon path has developed through Ride Harder, as I became a part of the full coaching offered.
    During my time with James, I found him to be highly professional, massively knowledgeable, always looking to add to is knowledge, not afraid to make mistakes to grow and a great communicator.
    In addition to this, he has and still does remain a great source of advice and support to me and my endeavours for which I am very grateful.
    I am now self-coached but without the knowledge I built in the time is spent with RideHarder, I feel this would not be as successful as it has been.
    My season this year has seen me go to Challenge Roth and set a new PB of 10:32 at the Full Distance, something I am very proud of and feel I can improve further.
    One last point to add, James is also my bike fitter of choice. I feel this is not a one-off thing and having a consistent point to come back to has been great.
    Thanks for all of the support over the years Ride Harder!

  5. Doug Shawcross

    It seemed like a big leap for me to go from cycling for fun to full-on Academy hardcore training with all it’s associated jargon of FTP’s, Threshold Zones and ERG. But I have to say, it’s been the best decision of my cycling life to do this. The sessions are progressive and I loved the simplicity of how the IT worked to track progress and ensure accountability to do the sessions in the first place. 100% I would not have made the advances in fitness and benefit from targeted variation in exercise zones, should I tried to do this on my own accord without a plan or support from James and fellow Academy riders. If you’ve been umming and ahhing over doing Academy training I would thoroughly recommend Ride Harder and just taking the plunge, you won’t regret it!

  6. Ray Knights

    Being a first-timer on a training plan I had nothing to gauge it by. But after a steady start it gradually built up over the 16 weeks & it worked very well for me. I have definitely noticed the improvements & would thoroughly recommend this plan. Looking forward to summer 2020.

  7. Richard Goodwin

    I have found the Academy different in that I have less direct contact with you but being part of a larger group all trying to improve is great. I have made less use of the Facebook page than others, preferring to just get on with it and only reach out if I need advice, although the initial Tuesday web chats were helpful in establishing the degree of flexibility with the sessions. Certainly, I have found the power pedals make a difference – for example, I know that as I tire during higher intensity session if I was to maintain my HR then my power would decline but with the pedals, I maintain my power and my HR increases – so I work harder. I must admit I had expected the Academy to require fewer sessions per week than the 1:1 program over the summer but in hindsight, I know that starting the summer as fit as I was at the end of last summer will only mean I am that much fitter for the rides in the coming summer.

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