Mallorca 312 Academy | Power based | 24 weeks


Train in a virtual group environment with others towards the same goal of the Mallorca 312!

NOTE – Not currently available. Starts again in November 2022 ahead of Mallorca 312 2023! 

More details can be found on the Mallorca 312 Training Academy page 


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The Mallorca 312 Academy not only gives you all the exact training sessions needed to achieve the Mallorca 312 it also gives you the knowledge and confidence to take on the challenge. The sessions are all planned out in advance to give you the structure needed and allow you the flexibility to complete them at a time that suits you. 

Going through the plan in the community environment will ensure that you stay motivated throughout and a great place to ask questions and make friends. With the support of the Ride Harder head coach and the group, you will be held accountable and committed to completing the plan and thus completing the event.

What’s Included 

  • Full 24-week complete progressive cycle training plan with live updates.
  • Become part of the Mallorca 312 Training Academy and complete the plan together with the support of others within a private Facebook Group
  • Nutrition support and advice
  • All workouts will be Zwift compatible using .zwo file
  • Weekly rides via Zwift or RGT
  • Live Q&A’s for any questions and Exclusive Race Day content
  • Motivation and practical advice is given throughout

Plan Outline

Block 1  – Base building (wk24 – wk17)

Building the base and learning to pedal like a pro so that you can dance up those climbs

During the first phase of the plan, we will be setting your custom training zones so that you can train effectively. We will be building your aerobic engine working and your base fitness which is the building block of all good cyclists. The sessions will work on improving your pedal stroke and other techniques to make you more efficient as a cyclist. With the intensity being relatively easy this is the time we will be working on fat loss which you with thank when taking on those climbs!! 

Block 2 – Event-specific build (wk16 – wk3)

Build that important muscular endurance so that you can make the finish line within the cut off time

During this phase, we will be building Muscular Endurance which is essential for completing the event and making those strict cut off times. You will be given the exact training needed to complete the challenge along with event-specific sessions. 

Block 3 – Taper (wk2 – Event)

Know how much to rest and what to expect on the day so that you arrive at the start line in top form with all the knowledge needed!

This is what will make or break your event. Proceed with caution! You cannot build any fitness during this time but you sure can lose a great deal of form! During this time you will learn valuable advice on travelling to Mallorca and everything you need to know ahead of the event. You can then enjoy the day and have a stress free trip! 



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