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Training Plans

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Plan Goal
Weekly Volume
Plan Duration
Device Required
  • Mallorca 312 Academy

    Mallorca 312 Academy | Power based | 16 weeks


    JOIN TODAY and be part of the community straight away!

    Train in a virtual group environment...

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  • Sale!

    The Ultimate Mallorca 312 Training Academy | Power based | 32 weeks

    You will be enrolled onto the successfull Ride Harder Academy that launches in September 2022 for the 16 week training programme before moving onto the Mallorca 312 Academy starting in January and will...

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  • Ride Harder Advanced Plan

    Ride Harder ADVANCED Plan

    The Advanced Plan has been set up to follow on from the Ride Harder...
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  • Ride Harder Foundation Plan

    Have you just started cycling and looking to improve on the bike?

    Don’t have a power meter or heart rate monitor yet but want to train smarter? All you need is a bike!


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  • Sale! ride harder plan

    Ride Harder Plan

    The complete power-based cycling plan to make you FASTER

    Have you downloaded training plans in the past and not stuck to them?

    Did you completed the training plan but were not faster on...

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  • ride harder plan

    Ride Harder Plan UPDATED FOR 2022

    Exclusive new content from the latest academy members! 

    The complete power-based cycling plan to make you FASTER

    Have you downloaded training plans in the past and not...

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  • Basic Cycling Training Plan | Heart Rate | 4 weeks

    This plan has been designed for anybody who wants simple training plan for the month which covers all aspects of cycling skills and training intensities. You will complete the first session to set your...

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  • Cadence | Power based | 4 weeks

    This plan is designed to develop your basic cycling skills and base fitness in the early base phase. It is based on 4 sessions per week with a mixture of turbo trainer and road. Most of the sessions...

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  • online training plans

    Custom Training Plan | Power/HR or RPE | 6 weeks

    This is the perfect option if you just need a little guidance on what sessions to do to best make use of the time available

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  • Sale! cycle weight loss

    Cycling Weight Loss Training Plan | Power based | 6 weeks

    The complete cycle training plan that WILL result in weight loss in just 6 weeks! 

    Have you just started cycling or been...

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  • FTP Builder Boost | Power based | 4 weeks

    This is a great plan to really target your threshold power and boost it within 4 weeks! The workouts will be tough and mainly based around threshold and V02. The plan can be re-used however it is not...

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  • mallorca 167 training plan 2022

    Mallorca 167 Sportive 2023 | Power Based | 16 weeks

    Have you entered the Mallorca 312 in 2022?  Unsure of what distance you will be riding but want to make sure you are doing the correct training sessions? Have 6-8 hours per week to train?


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