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Launches 17th February 2020
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Ride Harder Academy - cycle training plans

Do you want to ride faster?

Do you want to spend less time training more time with the family BUT still improve as a cyclist?

Unsure what sessions to do on the bike that will make you faster?

Stuck in a rut each year not getting faster on the bike?

How this plan will make you faster

Train smarter to become faster.

Take a holistic view of your training so you become a strong, efficient and FAST cyclist.

Have all your training sessions set out in advance so you know exactly what you have got to do and can fit the sessions at a time that is convenient to you. Knowing that every training session has been developed to give you all the qualities you need aliing with progression throughout the plan.

No more JUNK miles!


Become faster on the bike. Great winter programme that works!

Jo Fisk

Gradually learnt to pedal and sit on the bike properly. Was much quicker this year as a result.

Combined with taking on a disciplined healthy eating and weight loss regime the training plan brought me into the 2019 season on full gas enabling me to be quicker than the coach!

Howard Carlos

Found the plan useful in getting ready for JOGLE especially the strength and conditioning which builds very well through the program.

A good base for anyone wanting to improve their cycling abilities. Well structured and organised

The Winter Training Plan has greatly improved my cycling and made sure I continue to cycle throughout the winter months which I know I would struggle to do on my own – a great plan, would highly recommend.

Ride Harde Cycle training plan

The complete cycle training plan that will make you faster on the bike

This plan takes on the train smart ethos so not only gives you all the training sessions needed to achieve your individual cycling goals it takes a holistic approach to improving on and off the bike.

Going through the plan with community environment of the Ride Harder academy and with the support of Ride Harder head coach you will be held accountable and committed to completing the plan.




During the first phase of the plan we will be setting your custom training zones and look to start creating consistency with training. The sessions will work on improving your pedal stroke and other techniques to make you more efficient as a cyclist. We will be working on different techniques to help you build good habits and accountability which will aid getting the training completed.




As we move into the next phase we will be building your aerobic engine working and your base fitness which is the building block of all good cyclists. We will be working on not only endurance but your strength also through on the bike training along with continuing the off the bike conditioning.




Within this block we will be progressively increasing your threshold power and the ability to hold this for longer periods on the bike. This is often overlooked but will make you a faster cyclist. Intensity and volume will both be increased as we look to build on previous sessions.




Now we have achieved a good base this block will look at pushing your fitness ceiling higher and address any fitness limiters you may have. As the sessions increase further we will continue to work with the train smart fundamentals of conditioning, wellness and nutrition building a fast, efficient healthy cyclist.

Still want to use Zwift?

Don’t worry all the training sessions are able to either be downloaded for Zwift or even linked to your personal Training Peaks account so you can just log on and your session will be there for you to complete online.

What’s in the plan?

  • Full 16 week complete progressive cycle training plan

  • Become part of the Ride Harder Academy and complete the plan together with the support of others.

  • Private Facebook group

  • New Strength & Conditioning programme along with support from S&C coach Josh

  • Nutritional support from Jason Fligg Sport & Exercise Performance

  • Mental training tips from The Mind Coach

  • 3 month FREE subscription to Jasyoga

  • Training Peaks discount 20% off premium

  • Weekly FB live for any questions

  • All workouts will be Zwift compatible using .zwo file

  • Accountability buddy

  • Motivation and practical advice given throughout plan

  • Basic HR plan option for those new to structured training

About The Team

James Walsgrove
James WalsgroveFounder & Head Coach
I am the founder of Ride Harder, which has improved the comfort, and performance of hundreds of riders. My group-coaching programme has educated riders of all abilities with many moving onto my individual coaching services. I am passionate about making riders faster on the bike from whatever level they are starting from.
Josh Marlow
Josh MarlowStrength & Conditioning Coach
Josh holds an undergraduate and masters degree in Strength & Conditioning science. He currently leads S&C for girls sport and football academy at Langley school along with leading physical preparation for Norfolk netball academy amongst other private ventures .
Jason Fligg
Jason FliggSports & Exercise Nutrition
Jason holds a masters degree in Sport & Exercise Nutrition. He works with committed and dedicated athletes, from recreational to elite level, who wish to promote both their health and performance.
Nicky Roger
Nicky Rogeraka The Mind Coach
As The Mind Coach, I help athletes with any aspect of mental training. I’m passionate about helping everyone develop the mental strength and skills they need to train and perform at their best.
I am a qualified Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner and a qualified NLP Sports Practitioner. NLP is a powerful method that draws on the mind-body connection to tackle limiting beliefs and behaviours replacing them with new thinking and behaviour that becomes automatic.
Ride Harder Academy - Testimonials

“I started working with James at the very beginning of Ride Harder as I wanted to add some structure to my bike training through the winter as I moved towards Triathlon more seriously.

I consider this one of the best decisions I could make, as James’ approach to the first of the Winter plans was superb and shows in the way it has grown to this point.

My Triathlon path has developed through Ride Harder, as I became a part of the full coaching offered.

During my time with James, I found him to be highly professional, massively knowledgeable, always looking to add to is knowledge, not afraid to make mistakes to grow and a great communicator.

In addition to this, he has and still does remain a great source of advice and support to me and my endeavours for which I am very grateful.

I am now self-coached but without the knowledge I built in the time is spent with RideHarder, I feel this would not be as successful as it has been.

My season this year has seen me go to Challenge Roth and set a new PB of 10:32 at the Full Distance, something I am very proud of and feel I can improve further.

One last point to add, James is also my bike fitter of choice. I feel this is not a one-off thing and having a consistent point to come back to has been great.

Thanks for all of the support over the years Ride Harder!”

Vernon Anderson, OCD Triathlete
Money back guarantee

If you are not faster after completing this plan then you are entitled to a full refund with no questions asked so you have got nothing to lose!

Money back guarantee

One-off payment of £149

Sign up to today by clicking the button below. After completing payment you will be redirected to a Welcome page that will contain a link to a sign-up questionnaire. Please complete this so I can tailor your plan to your requirements.


How many hours per week are needed to complete the plan?2019-09-17T14:58:22+00:00

The plan is based on around 6-8 hours per week. This is a full periodised progress training plan so some weeks will be less and occasionally slightly over. The key workouts will be indicated to you can make sure these are completed.

Do I need a smart turbo?2019-09-17T14:51:28+00:00

The plan has been written using either heart rate or power so you are able to use any turbo to complete the plan. I would always say that power is the ultimate metric to use to gain the most from any training plan if you have a choice.

Can I change the days of sessions?2019-09-12T16:19:23+00:00

The sessions are designed to be done in the order that they are set to meet the training adaptations that we are trying to achieve however you are welcome to move the sessions to suit your own work/life as long as they are in the same format and order as prescribed.

What if I miss a session?2019-09-12T16:19:48+00:00

We all know that things crop up in our day to day life so missing just the odd session will be fine. The plan is taking a long term approach to training so missing a session is less important than if your were embarking on a short term plan.

Can I train for triathlon while completing this plan?2019-09-12T16:19:59+00:00

Yes you can and this will be fine through the early part of the plan although when the intensity increases you may just want to stick to the main core workouts each week and miss some of the extra sessions depending on your time available.

Can I cancel my subscription?2019-09-12T16:20:18+00:00

Yes, you are free to cancel at any time and end the plan if you feel it is not for you. But before doing so talk to me as we may be able to make the plan more flexible to meet your needs.

Do I have to complete the whole plan?2019-09-12T16:20:37+00:00

It’s your choice, but the plan is designed to guide you through a full periodization cycle. From building your base fitness through to racing.

When will the plan start?2020-01-26T15:31:50+00:00

The start date is the Monday 17th February 2020

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