When to change your chain

I thought I would write this post after I disgraced myself with how much my chain was worn on my single speed before I changed it.


Bike maintenance is often overlooked in the pursuit of higher threshold power on the bike but there are a number of things you can do to improve efficiency of your drive chain thus giving you free watts! I was unable to find any figures on this while I was researching it but it has been tested that by just lubing your chain you can gain as much as 5 watts so its got to be more than that.

Your chain is very important and should be replaced after around 1500miles although you can check this yourself by pulling the chain at 3’o’clock and see how much slack there is in it. You will also notice that it will not sit on the chainring, see photos below.

IMG_0005 IMG_0004

If you think about the chain when you are riding it will need to take up the very small amount of slack in the links during every revolution. Even though you will not necessary feel this when pedalling it you will be wasting valuable energy that you could be using to make you faster.

I fitted the new chain as you can see below and after a full clean and lube I went for a test ride and felt really smooth. I was unaware of how bad it had got until I replaced it.

IMG_0006 IMG_0009

Don’t let yours get that bad and check it today