Up the Haria……..

Prep for my day of cycling in Lanzarote was not great due to having a few pints and the odd glass of wine the night before which is never great! I could not get the route on my Garmin so just went with a screen shot on my phone of the route although that was not a problem as unbeknown to me the signs were out on the course ready for the event.




I seemed to pick the windiest day of the week to tackle the IM bike route but thought it would be good training although underestimated how hard it was going to be.



I picked up my Scott Foil from the shop in La Santa, done a quick bike fit but as I had unfortunately left my Retul equipment at home I just used the “heel on the pedal spindle method” and off I went! My image3route set me off heading north up the island, which meant a headwind for around the first 50k. The views were amazing as I approached the furthest northern point but the wind was relentless with speeds of around 30mph although this did mean that I did not have to worry about getting too hot on the bike!


image4Once I started to head south I finally had a tale wind and hit speeds of 48mph with my brakes squealing in the heat on the bends. I had finally got my average back up to a semi respectable 16.8mph from as low as 13mph!!


As I sailed down to San Bartolome the heat and lack of shops was started to get to me with no fluid left I decided to go off course and head towards Arrecife to find a shop. After a number roundabouts and riding an extra 3-4 miles I finally cruised into a Petrol station and refueled! Now for the extra slog back and as usual a headwind!


Back on track now I continued my journey further south down to Purto del Carman, which is actually the start of the official route for the IM and I soon found this out with the signs for the course disappearing! Somehow I found my route out and heading west luckily on the right road.


Some more beautiful coastal scenery before the wind on my way back north through Timanfaya National Park which was pretty bleak and another tough climb although unbeknown to me this was the last, thankfully.


At this point I was pretty exhausted as had made the schoolboy error of running out of food and drink again and for some reason had in my mind that the ride was only going to be 100miles and was past that by this point by now


The last 5miles I limped back downhill with the usual cramp and was pleased to finally get off the bike after a long, tough day in the saddle.



Lessons learnt from the day are as follows…….


The term “oneday” sun cream does not apply to part of the body that’s rubbed by clothing when riding.


IM bike distance is 112miles not 100mile!


Always carry more food than you need!


Have an early night and drink water the night before!


Think twice before entering “IM Lanzarote”