TT season is here, 6 months in……

Well it’s been a while since I have updated my blog so now that I am 6 months in I thought I had better do a quick update.

The beauty of having a training plan for the year is that it can be amended as you go through the season to fit in with races/time available and illness. My last training block which should have been 4 weeks was extended to 5 weeks due to having a slight cold halfway through which meant that I had an easy week. Also some of my sessions got amended due to not being able to hit the numbers which I thought was down to fatigue but may not have been the case, more on that later!

So its great to have a long term plan but be prepared to adapt the sessions on a week to week basis to get the most from the time on your bike!

I have been a little disappointed with my results during my first few TTs and not being able to hit my target wattage.   I thought this was due to  me struggling in the TT position as my FTP testing had been done in a variety of positions, but as it turns out I had made a classic schoolboy error!

During the winter I had been using my turbo trainer to measure my power however on the road I have moved to my Rotor power crank which as it turns out reads less than my turbo! Now the exact number itself does not matter too much as long as you use that tool every session not like I have done and tried to hold the power that I thought I could which ended in failure!

For my latest test I used my power cranks on the turbo so this gave me both sets of figures which I can then use to race with on the road.  This will also allow me to see my improvements from previous tests.   During the build phase I had been working on my 5 min power and was pleased that this has increased to 416 from 409. This is basically the ceiling of your aerobic power and hopefully I can bring my FTP up along with it going forward although on my last test this has slightly reduced to 310 from 313,

My new FTP using my cranks is 275 which although is lower the actual figure itself is irrelevant, its only important to make sure using the number for the tool you are training with!

My fastest 10 mile TT so far is 24.08 so I have a bit of work to do to reach my goal but confident I can achieve it and will be working on the position of the front end of my bike to become more aero as well as being comfortable by changing my bars.

The next 4 week training block will be my last in the build phase and will also include a little Lands end to John O’Groats challenge with my brother who has only done two training rides!