The Grafman middle distance

This was my first go at a middle distance race and for me was a test just to see how my body dealt with racing slightly longer and how hard I could push it. My greatest problem previously has been cramp which I have had a various points during racing and during all 3 disciplines!

We travelled up the day before and registered which is always a good idea so you can sort then numbers out etc to save time in the morning.

The weather on the day of the event was not the best and rain forecasted later on so no need to put any sun cream on!!

The swim was its usual for me, nothing special but a means to an end although there was an Austrialian exit which I had never experienced before and found myself diving back in slightly too early and managed to bottom out!

T2 was no rush for me making sure I had everything before I left. The bike leg went well although rained throughout the whole leg of the event which I hindsight was a blessing as allowed me to wee on the bike which I have never done but thought I had nothing to loose as already wet! This saved me a large amount of  time and also reduced the amount of sweat I lost which I think was a big advantage to help me not cramp.

Getting off the bike I actually felt pretty good and just thought I would run at a decent pace for me and see how I get on.  The rain had stopped and the support was good which really helped. My pace slowly dropped through the 13miles however not a massive amount and again no sign of cramp so all good.  The call of nature came again for me but thought I had better stop this time which actually cost me a sub 5hour.

Job done in a fraction over 5hours and I celebrated with a pint or 2 of Erdinger!


Date 28.06.2015 Overall Position 119
Age group (M) 35-39 AG Position 21

Split Times

Swim 0:36:38

T1 0:02:28

Bike 2:30:06

T2 0:01:21

Run 1:50:06

Total 5:00:40