An affordable coaching option to help you achieve your cycling goals in 2017


This programme is specifically designed for any cyclist wishing to improve their cycling for Time Trial or triathlons for next season.

Everybody wants quick times during the season and to get these it is important to remember that the hard work is not done just close to your race but what is just as important is building your fitness in the off season.

Periodisation is the key for any athlete wanting to do well and this 7 month plan with go right through all the training phases from base, build to peak so it is important to make sure you start your training in 2016 and not wait until next year!

How does it work:

The plan will be based on training for a 25mile TT or triathlon leg of similar distance and will be made up of my detailed personal training sessions to help you achieve your goals. You can have any level of fitness to complete this plan as the intensity will be relevant to your individual training ability. The workout sessions will be prioritised with key workouts so that if personal commitments get in the way that week you will be sure to still get the important sessions in. It is designed to peak in May 2017 however can be adapted towards the end to extend the peak or have a second peak later in the year so should suit most peoples needs for racing next year. It will not only give you full detailed training sessions but will also work on strength & conditioning, core body routine, position/technique work, nutrition and much more.

What do I need:

A turbo trainer will be a staple item throughout this programme and ideally a heart rate monitor/cadence sensor on the bike which will allow you to get the most from this programme. Although having a power meter is not compulsory, as we go through the programme it will become more invaluable and is highly recommended. Ultimately having power on the bike via a crank/pedals is the best method for training in and outdoors. A great alternative would be a power turbo which can be purchased for a couple of hundred pounds.

The programme will be based on around 8 hours p/w although this may increase/decrease on certain weeks depending on specific training goals.

What will I get:

ximg_devices1.jpg.pagespeed.ic.fxx0vP4AurFull detailed training plan using Training peaks online software giving you all the details of every workout prescribed. Training Peaks is a market leading online training software that is very easy to use and won’t cost any extra to set up.


Strength & conditioning programme along with some important stretches to improve cycling performance. There will also be some basic yoga moves and all these will be demonstrated via youtube videos making them easy to follow.


Weekly e-mails to accompany the plan with explanations of training prescribed,  cycling hints & tips to improve your position and technique on the bike,  nutrition advice and much more.

coupon-code-ipad-appsDiscount codes for offers on products used throughout the plan so will be a great way to buy that power turbo amongst many more!


Closed FB page for members chat, to ask questions, share experiences and assist others on the plan which will help keep you motivated. I will also be available to give my help and advice.


Private strava & garmin group to compare activities and make friends with nearby athletes. 


An e-book on “training with power” which will give you everything you need for when you buy your first power meter.


Half price Retul bike fit for your bike so you can get in that perfect aero TT position (available after 3 months of the programme).

Why this plan will work for you:

Whatever your cycling goals are the key to success is a structured training plan and consistent training. This plan will remove the need to think about what training you need so you can go through the sessions knowing that you are training to the correct intensity at the right time. Research has shown that having a plan will make you more likely to achieve your goals and working as part of a team will make you less likely to give up or miss sessions.


The set up cost for this service is £25 and will cost £29 p/m payable via direct debit on the 10th of each month.


When will the plan start?

The start date is the 10/10/16

Do I have to complete the whole plan?

It’s your choice, but the plan is designed to guide you through a full periodization cycle.  From building your base fitness through to racing. 

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, you are free to cancel at any time and end the plan if you feel it is not for you.  But before doing so talk to me as we may be able to make the plan more flexible to meet your needs.

Can I train for triathlon while completing this plan?

Yes you can and this will be fine through the early part of the plan although when the intensity increases you may just want to stick to the main core workouts each week and miss some of the extra sessions depending on your time available.

What if I miss a session?

We all know that things crop up in our day to day life so missing just the odd session will be fine. The plan is taking a long term approach to training so missing a session is less important than if your were embarking on a short term plan.

Can I change the days of sessions?

The sessions are designed to be done in the order that they are set to meet the training adaptations that we are trying to achieve however you are welcome to move the sessions to suit your own work/life as long as they are in the same format and order as prescribed.

Can this be used for other distances?

Yes, although this is based around 25mile the base/build phase will have a great benefit to all of your cycling distances. Its only towards the end of the plan that the sessions will target the specific distance but even then it does not mean you only have to race 25miles and nothing else.

Do I have to have done a Time Trial?

No, not all. This plan will suit even total beginners who wish to complete their first TT next year so will have all the skills and knowledge to smash their first race.

Can this plan be used just to improve my cycling?

Yes it is guaranteed that using a structured training plan will improve your fitness.  As we go through the training plan your functional threshold power (FTP) will definitely increase and therefore when you do a TT you will be able to work harder for the distance you are completing.

Do I need a time trial bike?

It is not essential however if you plan to succeed in Time Trials then they are beneficial however just putting clip on bars on your road bike is a great inexpensive way of getting started.




Everything that's needed to make you ride harder including Retul bike fit, power testing, training sessions, nutrition and more