… much the same as all the top guys are using … but probably not quite as expensive.

They are VERY nice … extremely light and mega-adjustable both length and width ways. You could even have the elbow rests (just about) touching if you’re a Tony Martin wanabee.

Why try to go lower and possibly lose power, when you can go 9d7a1d_db4860aab2ec4b18bfc44de6f4705bdfnarrower and still put out the same power?

Following the current trend, the extensions (as well as the elbow rests) are raised above the base bar to follow the underside of the forearms which helps to eliminate ‘dirty’ airflow.

Think about it … the cockpit is one of the first things to hit the air. ‘Smooth the lines’ out there and you’re going to save watts. Save watts and you’ll go faster. No doubt about it.

9d7a1d_e6c774fedecba510bd552d72f0684720Take a look at Wiggo’s tt bikes … Hutch’s too … because these guys have been in the wind tunnel and know what’s what. One thing is for sure, they wouldn’t be using this type of set up if it wasn’t faster.
They are going to be more aerodynamic than ‘standard’ tt bars … surely?

ONLY £259.99


  • Stackable tri bar/pads – complete with 10mm and 20mm risers and pads.
  • Minimum stack height (with no risers) – approx 5cms.
  • Stack height can be approx 50mm, 60mm, 70mm or 80mm with supplied risers and bolts.
  • Extra riser kits available to increase stack height even more!
  • Standard 22mm extension clamp.
  • Standard 31.8mm stem clamping section.
  • Length adjustable extensions.
  • Width/reach adjustable arm rest pads.
  • UCI Legal 3:1 aspect.
  • 42cm c/c base bar.
  • Slight drop on base bar.
  • Internal cable routing.
  • Di2 compatable.
  • Low weight – 600grams.
  • Clamping area – very slightly splayed – 47 mm wide at the front and  48 mm at the rear. Will NOT fit Oval Concepts 760 (for example).
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