ISM Adamo Road Saddle

ISM (Innovative Saddle Makers) saddles, like their name suggests, have been leading a revolution by challenging conventional thinking. ISM’s patented nose-less design offers fantastic support for the sit-bones whilst simultaneously reducing pressure on your soft tissue areas. Embrace less pain and more comfort with this ISM Adamo saddle.

Get Aero and Comfortable with an Adamo Saddle
The most popular of ISM’s range, the Adamo saddle is used primarily by time-trial and triathlon focused athletes. Performance was at the forefront of design and prompted a change to traditional saddles by including an elevated rear-end of this saddle. Providing your hips with enhanced support when you are tucked in the optimal aero position, this ISM Adamo Saddle offers an aggressively comfortable riding position.

Independent research has shown how traditional saddles don’t give adequate support to the pubic bones. Ultimately, this causes a reduction in blood flow to your soft tissue areas with an increase in numbness and pain. The Adamo saddle combats this issue by utilising a nose-less design with a cut-away front area to channel pressure to your sit-bones thus relieving pressure and increasing comfort.

UCI compliant, this Adamo saddle can be used in both time trials and road races at any level.

ISM saddles are genderless: their saddles have been designed to relieve pressure and increase comfort and enjoyment for both men and women.

Get the most from your saddle! Follow ISM’s Saddle Installation Instructions HERE.

Patented design allows full blood flow and reduces numbness
Unisex design, suitable for women and men
UCI legal, suitable for use in all road races and time trials
Particularly suitable for triathlon and time trials
Length: 245mm
Width: 135mm
Padding: 30-Series Foam and Gel (mid-level padding)
Rails: CrN/Ti Alloy
Weight: 305g

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