Review of 2016 season, next up 2017!

Well its that time of year, now that all the events are coming to an end,  its time to look back on the season and reflect on what goals have been achieved but more importantly what have not so this can be analysed and a plan put in place for next season so they are acheived.

Now is the time of year to start planning so don’t leave it too late!

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Below are my goals that I set for this year and the big lesson that I learnt is to make sure they are realistic which looking back on them now I realise that some of them may have been a little bit optimistic.

  • 85kg by the start of April
  • Increase FTP by 25% to 338w by July
  • Ride a short 21min for a 10mile TT by September 
  • Sub 55min for a 25mile TT by October
  • PB at 50mile TT by October

Although I achieved PB’s at 10m & 25m this year I failed at the sub 55min for the 25mile distance which partly was due to the events I raced in and the time of year they were. You cannot do anything about the conditions on the day however you can peak for those events which is an important factor if you want to do well. It is important to list your target events at the start of the year and set your training plan around them.

My 2 best performances this year are:-img_4174

  • 10mile PB of 22.38
  • 50mile PB of 1.58.41

I have learned a great deal this year and plenty to work on for next year to build on. It is nothing to be disappointed  in by not achieving your targets as long as you learn from them. For me I need to start my weight loss sooner than January to get a head start so that is one of my first targets which I am really committed to achieving this year. I need to also start my build phase earlier in the season so I am in better form for some of the early TimeTrials in the season.

Bring on 2017!


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