Why use power?……..


We all get to the point in our cycling career where the gains seem to get harder if not impossible to achieve. When we start cycling the more time we spend on the bike the better we get but unfortunately this does not last forever and eventually we need to train smarter. Whether you are a triathete , timetrialist, road racer or just enjoy club riding everybody can benefit from training with power.

IMG_2355The tendency when riding with a power meter is to go out and try and hit personal bests on every ride but you need to be disciplined to use it effectively. Here at Ride Harder we can set your power zones using a number of tests to work out your Functional Threshold Power (FTP) which is the highest maximal power that a rider can sustain for 60min. We will then personalise a training plan to suit your individual targets and goals.

Getting your training intensities correct and working on the right things at the right stage of the year means you aren’t wasting precious training time.

A cycling fitness test will help you maximise your training in the time that you have available to train.

FTP Power test and fitness assessment

  • Initial consultation of fitness level and goals for the season.
  • Power test on the turbo trainer using your own bike.
  • Full printed report including – Power & Heart rate training zones.
  • Power to weight ratio figure & grading against the Elite’s
  • Advice on Personalised training plans to achieve cycling goals

Price – £45 (approx 1.5hours)


Everything that's needed to make you ride harder including Retul bike fit, power testing, training sessions, nutrition and more