One month into my training plan…..

Well its been a productive first month of training with lots of base
miles targeting zone2 heart rate. Although for some people they find it quite boring I actually enjoy it as it’s a good chance to catch up on my many podcasts that I am currently listening to!

My road rides are now on my single speed and are typically longer and slightly easier than my turbo sessions where I try to target the high end on zone 2 for the entire workout along with some cadeIMG_0009nce drills to improve my leg speed.

When riding on the road I am really trying to focus on my form keeping my upper body strong and still, I will also concentrate on a smooth, efficient pedal stroke making the most out of every revolution.


FullSizeRenderFor anybody who thinks base training is just too easy to get any benefit from then I would suggest you do your turbo sessions right at the top of your Zone2 HR and trust me you will sweat!



Below is my log for the month where you can see I increased the volume week on week with an easier week at the end although it is not needed to reduce the amount significantly its a good chance to drop back both volume/intensity before the next block.

nov training

My strength and conditioning programme has also just started although in a very simple formation, partly due to time but also _DSC5482having never done any in the past I wanted to ease my muscles into it. It is deliberately short so I have no excuse not to complete it and am aiming to complete this twice a week.


IMG_2355I tested myself at the start of my next block so was fully rested and pleased that my FTP had increased by 22w but more surprisingly my 5min power also increased by 32w which works out to be around the same percentage. This just goes to show that whatever energy system you are targeting it does not just stop there and there is always a knock on effect.

The next months plan is similar with a slight increase into sweetspot base for the last week before going into another recovery week. Its important to try and set your training plan out in advance especially around the Christmas period, funnily enough that week is my easy week so I can enjoy a drink or three!!

My stats (Dec 15)

292 FTP, 3.26 w/kg

14st 1lb (89.3kg)

24.% fat