Never get a puncture again!

It sounds too go to be true but solid tyres could be the answer.images-2

Tannus tyres have created a range of solid tyres in a range of funky bright colours meaning you never have to worry about getting a puncture ever again.


images-1With this sounding like the perfect answer for every cyclist you might wonder why we are not all riding them? Well I thought I would give them a try to test them for myself.


They come in 23mm and 28mm size so I went for a  set of red in a 28mm width for my single speed bike. Fitting them is quite difficult so I would recommend letting your local bike shop do this rather than trying to do it yourself as it took me around an hour and ended up with a very sore hand!

UnknownNow the problem with the original solid tyres was comfort as they used to be very hard and unforgiving when riding on the road. Thankfully they have come on a long way since then and I had no discomfort issues at all while riding them on the road, they are designed to replicate 100psi.

The downside of the tyre is that they do not roll quite as well as a traditional tyre does so be prepared to be slower than normal. One thing that I really noticed while riding in a group is when you tuck in to draft behind a rider you still find yourself having to work to keep up and get no recovery at all. They are harder work but for winter training this is not necessarily a bad thing

I was keen to actually work out what affect they had on my speed so I completed a 11mile loop before and after. Now this was not overly scientific but I aimed to keep my heart rate at 130BPM and only having 1 gear on my single speed I thought this should give me an idea. I completed the  loop in 37m26s pre tannus and this increased to 41m56s with the tannus fitted so worked out to be 1.9mile per hour slower. Now it was slightly windy the second time I did the ride so will complete this again just to be sure but as you can see there is a significant difference.






I must admit it is nice not having to carry any spares and knowing that you will never get a puncture so no more dirty cold hands or being late!!

So my conclusion is that as long as you accept them for what they are then they are a great idea and well recommended for any winter bike! Just don’t expect to be racing your mates on the next club ride!