My VO2 test at Easton College

IMG_2738I’ve always wanted to be tested in a lab for VO2 and my lactate threshold to see how it compares to the figures that I currently use so when the opportunity came up of being tested by the students at Easton college I jumped at the chance!

The test used was on an ergo trainer using a MAP test, also known as a ramp test where you start at a given wattage and it is basically increased every 1minute by 20watt until exhaustion.

What is VO2?

This is the maximal oxygen that your body can utilise in one minute and is basically your aerobic ceiling which can be a predictor of your potential as an endurance athlete. This is basically the ceiling of your fitness capabilities and can be increased through training although has genetic limitations.

Once I was hooked up to the gas analyser it was time to start the IMG_2750test. As with all tests it starts easy and you think you can go on for ever but I knew at some point it was going to get tough. The results were recorded every minute and my blood lactate was taken every 2 minutes.

Being in the middle of my base period  I did not have high hopes for doing too well but gave it everything I had. This managed to peak at 417watts and the last minute power of the test was 397watts. Its hard to actually put a figure on what my v02 max power actually is as does not really exist, it will vary depending on the test protocol. My 5 minute power test gives me a figure of 390watts so it will come in some where between those figures.

Being slightly heavier this gave me a VO2 max of 62ml/min/kg which to put into perspective is considerably lower than that of Chris Froome who achieved 84.6 when he won the tour!

An interesting figure that came out of the test was that my maximum fat burning range was between 137-140 bpm which is basically high end of zone 2 where I currently spend much of my training at the moment so it was reassuring to know I am burning the maximum amount of fat.

Below is the data achieved during the test for any of the stats people out there.

Scan 4



Scan 1

Scan 2