Muscles used in cycling and how to strengthen them simply!

After doing lots of research and studying on how to improve my cycling I thought I would write a simply article on the what are the main muscles used while pedalling, explain their importance and most importantly how to strength and condition them.

The power phase of the pedal stroke happens as the hip and knee pedal-strokeextends, pressing downward on the pedal. This action starts with a combination of the gluteus and quadriceps muscles, which is basically your thigh and your butt!, it then moves to the hamstrings and calf muscles as the revolution continues round. This shows the need for equally strong hamstrings, hips, and quadriceps as they make up the largest volume of muscles in the pedal stroke.

Building strength…..

All of the muscles listed above play a major part of the pedal stroke and therefore it is important to spend equal time on all of them. Here is a list of the most beneficial and time efficient exercises that I have found to do to help improve flexibility and strength of these muscles. Ideally these should be done after your ride once you have re-fuelled and showered but you still benefit from doing these anytime so why not do them while you are watching tv in evening for example if your short of time.


Bridge + Advanced single leg bridge

Now this is a staple exercise for all cyclists, not only does it help activate and strengthen the glute and hamstring it also strengthens  your core which is important for all cycling positions especially TT riders.

Quad Strengthening

Your quad is the most powerful muscle in your leg so improving this will rep rewards with your cycling career.

Watch this space, more to come…..