Move over base training, bring on the efforts! 4 months into my plan

Well it seems a long winter but my base training and sweetspot base are all done and I am happy with my progress. My FTP is back up to 285watts but with a lower average heart rate, I’m happy with my training so far and feel I’ve achieved a great platform to build from. I am also at my lowest weight so far in my plan but its good to know I can still  push the power, so it must be off my belly!

feb training

My last 4 weeks has gone well with plenty of sweetspot efforts and long endurance rides on my single speed with the added addition of one VO2 session per week this has allowed me to gain some top end power without fatiguing me.

garmin feb

I also had a good easy week at the end of my 3 week block where i concentrated on some cadence drills at low effort. This allowed me to feel refreshed at the end of the block ready for the increased intensity of the next training block.


Base, build, peakI am now moving into my ‘build’ phase. There is a shift from aerobic base towards more aerobic capacity building my fitness ceiling. I will continue with lots of muscular endurance and threshold work building for the season. As I am training for time trials I will be doing plenty of sessions around threshold improving my FTP rather than the short anaerobic efforts.

As I have said before its important to retest every 4-6 weeks to know your current FTP but is even more important when moving to your next phase. Some of the sessions that I have planned are summarised below.

6 x 5min VO2 max intervals building to 8 intervals over the coming FullSizeRenderweeks

2 x 20min sweetspot building to 2 x 30min

‘over and unders’ – working around 95% & 105% of FTP


Good luck with your training!



My stats (Feb 16)

285 FTP, 3.02 w/kg – up 13 watts

13st 13lb (88.4kg) – down 3lb

23.6% fat – down 0.2%