We decided to go for a different strategy this morning and have breakfast before we left as the kind lady from the B&B agreed to make it at 6am! We went for the full english and I ended up eating double black pudding!

I put Darren’s saddle up nearly two inches and we started our ride around the Loch. The breakfast obviously did the trick for Darren as I spent the first 15min trying to catch him up before we stopped for the first wee of the day! The loch seemed to go on for every which I guess is why the monster lives in that one!

Now after 8 days on continuous headwind we finally had a tailwind for a section which felt great and covered some quick miles. We had plenty of bridges to cover as we hugged the east coast of Scotland.

After getting abused by numerous drivers on this ride it was nice to actually be welcomed by a driver who made us a cup of tea from his  motor home!

IMG_3821The good weather was short lived and it soon changed back to a headwind and driving rain,  looks like the ride is going to end how it started! As we had 2 long days in the saddle Darren was going to make sure we had a short one today and only managed 80miles before we reached our destination. It actually felt like we had not done any riding today and the legs felt totally fresh!

We checked into our hotel which again was catering for the more elderly customer with a ramp up the stairs! At least they have good ale!

Anyway only around 70miles left for tomorrow and we will be done!

Todays ride