I awoke at 5.30 this morning facing the wall and wondering where the hell I was until I turned over and then remembered! Today was an efficient transition due to the fact the bikes were in our room we could ride straight out of the hotel!

I decided to go for arm warmers this morning, which Darren was envious of looking like a spoilt child, luckily I had brought him a pair which he gladly put on.

The scenery during the first part of the ride was absolutely stunning although the road surface meant it was not as enjoyable as it should have been. Being Sunday there was plenty of cyclists out on the roads and we even tried to hang on the back of a group but unfortunately for me then turned off, I think Darren was secretly pleased!

IMG_3630We even had to tackle a sheep intersection today but luckily the traffic was not too bad  as they had their own over pass!

It was good that the wind continued to be in our face after Day 7 as we do not want any assistance along the way, the forecast should finally change tomorrow!


The main mission of the day was to navigate through the centre of IMG_0115Glasgow ourselves as the route we were following had missed that section out. I have to say it went amazingly well considering it was like riding down Regent Street in London at times!

The route out of Glasgow was not great on the main A82 onto Loch Lomond with plenty of mad drivers! Darren was getting a little agitated as his energy levels dropped!

One of the hardest parts of the daily journeys is deciding where to meet Les for our breaks as we just look on the map and pick a built up area, which as we have found out does not mean there are any amenities at all! We ended up having a coffee at McDonalds today!

IMG_3754Riding round the Loch was stunning with some spectacular views but I think our hotel in Tarbet could not have come soon enough for Darren! I am currently sitting writing this drinking a pint of Guinness waiting for the entertainment to start, Tommy on an accordion!



Les has taking to call every sheep Baaaabbbbraaa and every scotsman Jimmy now, very odd!