After a very wet Day 3 were pleased to see the forecast was much improved from Wednesday although when the alarm went off at 5.30 it  still looked a little grey. Darren asked me to get up and pass him the ibuprofen which I think was more out of habit than for any medical need. We got kitted up and Darren was ready to go but for some reason had put his glove on with the padding on the top rather than his palm?!

Bad planning with hotel as we started on a big hill much to Darren’s disgust as it seems to be taking him longer each morning to get his muscles going! The course was pretty flat and we covered a good mileage in the first few hours which was pleasing although it was still a headwind for the 4th day in a row, I so glad we decided to ride this direction!

With me having the usual weak bladder issue we decided to pull of the road into a lay-by which to be honest for me was pretty discreet although found ourselves being approached by some violent mad woman saying “its bad enough with you lot on the roads!” I left her to Darren to deal with as he is the elder!

Riding through Ludlow was some stunning scenery and we stopped for brunch with Les at Craven Arms for a little snack! Now Darren has taken to either copying me with everything I do or asking what he should eat as doesn’t want me to have any sort of advantage over him. He even asked what was the benefit of rolling my shorts up when I sat down but I did point out this was purely for tanning reasons!

Onto our destination for the day which was suppose to be Whitchurch however it turned out to be 10miles past to get to our hotel. Now Darren had decided to go slightly more upmarket tonight just so he could have a bath so we checked into the Boar Hotel Country Hotel.

I was in charge of bike cleaning duties yet again while Darren soaked himself in the tub and I replaced his brake pads as was down to the metal already!

Early night for us now so we can smash tomorrows section!