Well today ends with me about to throw my Garmin out of the window! 3 days done and 2 lots of ride data lost!

Just incase anybody wanted to know Les did not get lucky last night!

We set the alarm at 5.30 and had tea and porridge just incase there was a sudden change in the weather but alas no, it was pouring! We ate our porridge and spent the rest of the time till breakfast checking every possible weather forecast for some glimmer of hope but it was not meant to be.

As the rain did not clear we set sail just after 10am ready for a miserable day of ride into a headwind all day. It started off not too bad as the rain eased and we covered some good milage on our route to the Severn bridge although we had to tackle the M5 junction on our bikes trying not to get run over, we enjoyed it that much we when back over again by mistake!

Now Darren has really started to pick up some cycling skills without being shown, his drafting skills where faultless today as I battled into the wind and who would have thought that he would have been able to produce snot rockets on the go! He just needs to understand what it means when I flick my elbow out now!

Our planned stop for today was Chepstow so once we tackled the Severn bridge we there although Darren ran over some glass and we had the first puncture of the trip. He asked if this is something we can deal with on the side of the road as I proceeded to take the wheel out. As I completed the task in hand Darren’s choice quote of the day was “I’m not interested in learning how to repair a puncture but I think even  I could master that!”

Now I had nearly had a complete day of no Garmin issues and the ride had all been recorded fine up to 85miles when I decided to try and find the hotel, the Garmin locked up and when I rebooted it the ride was lost! Darren’s reply was we will just buy another one.

Both of us feeling a little deflated today, me with the weather and Darren hitting the wall in the last 10 miles we arrived at our destination only to find our rooms have been doubled booked and we have one double room between 3 of us!

The forecast looks great tomorrow so time for the sun cream!