I was going to post about the journey down here but ran out of time and went pretty well although found ourself lost at about 12.30am with the bonnet up after running out of water! We finally arrived at our YMCA hostel after 1pm and I found myself putting the final touches to Darren’s bike and getting our stuff ready for the morning, I think it was about 2am before we got to sleep!


The alarm went off at 6.30am as Darren wanted to get started early to get the miles under our belt so with no breakfast or tea we made our way to Land’s End which was pretty bleak with driving rain!


Great picture “all the gear, no idea’ springs to mind!


We obviously had to have our photo taken before we set off, just a shame it was not blue sky!


Now I spent about the first 20miles behind my brother trying to keep up but knew the day would not end up that way! We had planned to stop at about 30miles but unfortunately the route was slightly sparse with no costa on the horizon we just plodded on until we eventually found a rare shop where we stocked up with much needed fluid and a great coffee. Now day 1 was supposed to be the worst but as we arrived at our lunchtime stop we felt quite smug that it was going well!

Now the second half of the ride was not as easy as the first with IMG_0023some brutal hills and no flat whatsoever! A few sections found us stopping halfway for a little picnic before plodding on! The weather was not kind to us with a head wind for the entire day and rain for most of it. The sun did however come out for a small section and it actually become enjoyable!

We were glad to arrive a our first destination after 107miles and nearly 9 hours in the saddle which was quite an achievement for my brother as had only ever done 45miles before once! 2 pints and a large burger later and we were done for the day. It’s 10.30pm as I write this with Darren snoring next to me so I am going to end it here and smother hime with a pillow!