LEJOG Day 10

Well this was it, the last day so just one big push required for us to get to John o’Groats. The weather forecast was not kind to us again with rain and strong winds of 20mph+, which were going to be a headwind.

We went for the same strategy as yesterday with a full English before we set sail. Darren was obsessed with asking every member of staff how many hills we had today and how steep they were going to be as the nerves set in. We even spoke to the maintenance man who had the broadest Scottish accent without actually opening his mouth when he spoke who gave us horror stories of how vehicles had crashed on the hilly coastline and never to be seen again!

Our bikes seemed to have been sabotaged in the night as Darren had a slow puncture and my chain was off so not the best start to the day.

Now I had brought inner tubes with removable cores which are great for your deep section carbon wheels but not great when you pump up fully only to let all the air out when the core comes out with the pump, not just once but twice!

It was a tough morning in the saddle with the wind as was relentless so it was just a case of head down and push on with Darren firmly stuck to my wheel! The miles seemed to countdown so slow as we made our way to the top of Scotland. It was pretty bleak on the coastal road with the odd house on the horizon and wondering who would want to live up here! Darren said if there is a referendum we should just let it go next time!


He pulled out all the typical cyclist excuses during the climbs from “something’s wrong with my brakes as I’m sure there rubbing” and “can you check my back tire, I’m sure i’ve got a puncture”

So after 9 ½ days in the saddle we finally approached John o’Groats with one last climb before we reached the decent and rolled in to see Les waiting at the finish! It was a massive achievement for Darren who has never ridden a bike before and just goes to show what you can do it you put your mind to it!


Thanks to everybody who has supported us throughout the trip and also to all those who sponsored Darren.

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Today’s ride: