Last big brick session 100mile/10mile

With just 4 weeks to go until Ironman this was my peak session and a really chance to see how hard I can push ready for race day. This brick session was recommended but Pro triathlete Joe Skipper and for me the 10mile run is an ideal distance to complete as I see no really point in doing more that thank and run the risk of injury!

I decided to push both slightly harder than planned for race day just to see how I coped and to get the most from this session.

I mapped my route, had a big bowl of porridge and set to the task! The weather going out was not great as was a little wet and windy but I have no choice of doing the session another day so just got my head down and pushed on. I felt pretty good making sure I ate and drank sufficient as I knew it would come back to bite me if not. I was targeting around 230w which was 79% of my FTP.

Luckily the second half of the ride I had a tail wind which helped increase my average although maintained the same power. I completed the ride in 5hour 8mins so was please with that and onto the run!

I went out trying to hold around 8.45min/mile pace which again was a little faster than race pace but a good test! Unfortunately I cramped halfway but I’m putting that down to the hill which I had not factored in to my race plan. Once I had stretched, the cramp went and I carried on running all the way to the end. I completed the run in 1hour 28min at a pace of 8.52min/mile so not shabby for me!

I made sure I ate a high carb/protein meal within 30min of finishing and made sure I stretched and foam rolled that evening to aid my recovery.

Looking forward to tapering soon!!!