Keo Fit Cleat Adjustment System

logokeofit_270Look has created an tool for setting up your Kéo Cleats for an optimum adjustment called the KÉO FIT. The system will help the cyclist choose the correct cleat that corresponds to their correct float based on the cyclists’ pedaling anatomy.

The cleats that are available are the red cleats 9º, the grey cleats look-keo-cleat4.5º, and the black fixed cleats. The device determines the cyclists’ natural pedaling style and foot position for the most efficient pedaling.


Benefits :
• Accurately Choose your Kéo Cleat (Red, Grey, or Black)
• Efficient Pedaling for more power transfer
• Limit the risks of knee injuries and tendinitis



• Measure of the amplitude of the foot’s angular movement


• Transfer of the measure obtained on the pedal



The KÉO FIT has been used with Pro Tour Teams like Astana to fine tune the cleat position.

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