Is a bike fit for me?…..

Bike Fit – Essential not Optional

When I started out with my first road bike a little over two years ago I could barely manage 20 miles without feeling excruciating pain between my shoulders, my lower back and my ‘undercarriage’. I assumed that this was normal and that my body had to toughen up and get used to the new ride position. I persisted for over six months with this horrendous pain until a friend suggested I try a bike fit with James.

I was pretty cynical about the benefit of the bike fit having both bought what I had been advised was the correct size bike and studiously following the advice of various ‘YouTube’ ‘experts’ on saddle position. I was also of the mind that I wasn’t ‘good enough’ at cycling to justify the cost of a bike fit. All of my assumptions proved to be wrong but my biggest mistake was without doubt not going to see James sooner. In the course of the bike fit it was apparent that my bike was too big, that my saddle was too low and the saddle placement too far back. Fortunately for me James was able to fix all of the issues and together with a new saddle, the bike fit very quickly enabled me to complete longer and longer distances without pain. Rather than being something I dread, riding my bike has fast become my favourite sport.

My biggest test was earlier this month when I completed London to Paris pain (but admittedly not fatigue) free. So, my advice to anyone starting out with cycling or triathlon is to view a bike fit as an essential step not a luxury for the pro cyclists and make the relatively small investment for the huge reward of being pain free from the start of your bike affair. You’re worth it.