Ironman training starts……

I thought I would use the excuse of 3 races in 5 days to really kick start my Ironman training which is now about 16 weeks away! After a long winter of endurance riding its time to try and get some of my slight speed back!!

Cambridge TT

Saturday  6th June

sportograf-61776120_lowresThis was the first event of its kind with closed roads and start ramp so thought it was a great experience and not to be missed. I have only just got my Boardman TT bike so did not get a chance to have a proper go before the event but got it set up as close as I could and had a test ride the day before.

sportograf-61783399_lowresThe distance was 16miles (28km) which was further than I had done this year and it felt it during the event!! The start ramp was a little disappointing as not quite as steep as the professional one but at least I managed to ride down it without falling off! The start of the ride was into a headwind which took its toll but ploughed on, once I had turned the first corner it eased to a side wind which helped but then came the hills!! Having not looked at the course in advance this was a bit of a shock as had planned for it being flat!! The bike felt fast although I could not really do it justice with my lack of training for the shorter distance events and with some of the hills my speed dropped considerable. The home straight was a joy with a tail wind and cruising at over 30mph with a big push for the line after loosing my visor while itching my nose!!


I finished 272 out of 533 with a time of 43:18 so was pleased that I did not disgrace myself and a nice little warm up for the next day.

St Neots Olympic triathlon

Sunday 7th June

This was a great event last year so thought I would enter this as my first tri of the year just to get used to doing all three disciplines in one event!

Luckily I did not ache from the day before so the foam rolling must have worked!

The swim went its normal way, nothing amazing just a steady swim for me at just over 30min although I did cramp getting out of the swim and trying to get my wetsuit off which was not ideal!! The bike leg was great, another headwind to start but once that section had passed I felt really comfortable and got through the miles quickly.  The run was not so text book but a learning curve all the same. I had new trainers so had forgot to put elastic in so found myself the only person having to tie my own laces which is not a great advert for being a partner in a triathlon shop! I started the run strong for me at around 7.30 min/mile pace but after half way I started to pay for this and slowed a little! I then needed to go to the toilet and also had to re tie my laces as had come undone, schoolboy error!! After getting cramp and having to jump over a dog on the bridge I final managed to sprint for the line.

I finished 27th out of 119 in a time of 2:38:23 (the bike is long!) so a good opener for the season.

Open 10 TT –  B10/3

Wednesday 10th June

Well this was my last event of the three and the shortest of all of them. The only shame was that it another windy evening so the times were not going to be great. It is just an out and back along the main  A11 and can be quick in the right conditions although there are a number of roundabouts to tackle. The out section was going to be the fastest with a tailwind but unfortunately it is less than half of the distance  as the return leg is longer. The wind did not disappoint and I fly to the turn around point, negotiated the 4 roundabouts and settled in for the return journey. I did not feel my strongest as was a little bit disappointed as have been quicker on that course but hard to compare with the conditions.

FullSizeRender 3

I finished in 24.42 so plenty of work to be done to improve that time but plan to do a couple of 25mile TTs so will be interesting to see how that compares.