How to clean your bike?

IMG_1590Its important to make sure your bike is clean and oiled which will make it ride smoother and even go faster with some of the lubes on the market.

Many people are unsure where to start and what to use so hopefully this will help. The process is basically broke down into 3 stages which are clean, protect and lube which are explained in more detail below.



– Rinse your bike first with water

– Clean your chain with Muc-Off drivechain cleaner and agitate with a Muc-Off Claw Brush

– Rinse your drivetrain thoroughly to remove all grit and grime

– Spray the whole bike with IMG_1606Muc-Off Bike Cleaner – paying close attention to specifically dirty areas

– Agitate the cleaner on the bikes frame and other areas with one of our bespoke Muc-Off detailing soft brushes

– Rinse bike thoroughly



IMG_1608– Spray Muc-Off Bike Spray onto the chain and the cassette making sure the spray penetrates deeply to disperse any left over water before the lubrication stage

– Spray Muc-Off Bike Spray over the bicycle frame *be sure NOT to apply bike spray onto any braking surfaces such as pads, wheels or discs!*

– Wipe down the bicycle with a soft dry IMG_1626Muc-Off micro fibre cloth,
– Spray any moving parts on the bike with Muc-Off MO94




– Carefully apply Muc-Off C3 Wet lube (or dry depending on the weather) to the lower IMG_1627chain section whilst pedalling the bike backwards with your right hand

– Ensure good but thin coverage of the lube – over lubricating your chain means more effort for you whilst riding!

Top Tip – Only put a drop on each link rather that the whole chain and your lube will last longer!


Happy riding!!!