How I went over 4 hours faster at Ironman

From not being able to swim I completed my first Ironman with just 9 months of training back in 2010, fast forward 5 years and I smashed over 4 hours off my time with the right knowledge and training.

This e-book is my journey into Ironman from the complete beginner to the more experienced athlete 5 years later. It will give reference to what I learnt about swimming, biking and running along with details of my training sessions and my training plan. I will tell you what worked and more importantly what did not so you don’t have to make the same mistakes as me. I end the book with my race report   on what I can describe as the perfect, well paced/planned race.

Whether you’re completing your first Ironman or going back to try and improve you time then this book has something for everybody.


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