First TT of the year

I went into this event pretty confident with my training going well through the winter. This was my first race of the year and a good opportunity to test out some pacing strategies .

IMG_3064The conditions were pretty good, it was dry and sunny, although a little windy which was going to be a cross wind for the event. I got all my aero kit on and knocked back my beet it shot before I went for my warm up.

I have learnt that a good warm up is vital before any TT and the shorter the race the longer the warm up that is required. I did about 30mins of riding which consisted of 5 x 30sec high cadence along with 5 x 30sec race pace efforts and a couple of quick max effort sprints.

I had in my mind to go out at around 330w but as usual started off a little higher and after the first mile this was around 360w. Its hard to12366329_10154805687138475_3078458406243229773_n pace even with a power meter as you always feel good at the start and think you have a little more in you but inevitably you only have a certain amount of energy and this soon runs out. I settled at around 315w which felt good and pushed on to the turn around. The return section started off hard with the road surface not being good and slightly uphill. My power was dipping to around 280w before I got to the last mile where I managed to pick it back up.

With the line in sight I knew it was going to be close to dip under the 24min mark and even with a big push I just missed out with a time of 24:06. My normalised power figure was 299watts which was lower than I had hoped but part of this factor I think was that my FTP figure was calculated with riding partly on the hoods rather than the entire time on the TT bars so I think that may account for some of the loss.

Anyway it was a good solid start to the season and has given me a bench mark to work from with lots more to learn about pacing!


Photo supplied by Jane, thank you