Festive FTP test, 2 months into my training

This is my second block of base training which see’s me introduce some sweetspot training along with a large volume of base miles!

My first 2 weeks of this block continued with more base miles riding my single speed for all my rides outside which you will know I’m a great believer of and is the best tool to improve muscular endurance which is lacking in many riders. The peak week saw me complete 14hours of riding which although I enjoyed it does seem to take over your life!


Luckily I can now reduce the volume as I slightly increase the intensity. I started my sweetspot efforts which I have shown below. Its important to start relatively low as these sessions will increase over time up to 30min blocks and are really important to improve your muscular endurance.

3 x 12min SS with 3min rest intervals

5 x 8min SS with 2min recovery intervals (alternating cadence between 80rpm and 100rpm)

By the end of the 3 week block my legs were really starting to feel it and aching all the time so the rest week came just at the right recovery-balmtime. I can really see the benefit of factoring in easier weeks to aid recovery.  I did also start using the Muc-off recovery balm which for me seems to work, you can feel it working once applied. Whether its a placebo or not I will take anything that will aid recovery as this is one of the important factors for improving.

xhaleThe great thing about periodisation is you can plan your easy weeks around your lifestyle so it worked well that I could enjoy christmas and have a few too many beers. Unfortunately for me this meant that my downward trend on my graph for my weight loss took a slight upward peak although I was pleased that my power increased  during my latest FTP test.

I managed to break the 400w figure during my latest 5min power test so very happy with that again in the light that I have not been doing any v02 max sessions it very pleasing to see. My FTP also increased by 5watts while my heartrate was 6bpm lower so either I need not push as hard or I’m getting more aerobically fit.

My target now for January is to maintain my power whilst reducing my weight thus increasing my power to weight. I will be doing my first week of training at base level before a further 2 weeks of IMG_1775sweetspot efforts. I am also taking part in “Dry January” to really kick start my weight loss and will be making lots of healthy meals so keep an eye out on Instagram for recipe ideas.


My stats (Jan 16)

297 FTP, 3.24 w/kg –  up 5 watts

14st 6lb (91.6kg) – up 5lb

24.8% fat – up 0.8%