Can I transfer my fit to another bike?

Each rider receives a document of their results that includes their individual range of movement taken during the fit and then using the ‘zin’ tool we accurately take measurements of the completed bike position. This allows the client to use the information taken to apply to another bike of the same type, similar geometry and frame size.

I have an injury, will your bike fit fix it?

Possibly! A good bike fit can significantly reduce the risk of injury whilst riding and can often fix long term riding discomfort. However, it’s worth bearing in mind that in the case of a long term “chronic” injury it may often be the case that a bike fit in combination with off the bike strength, conditioning work and physical therapy may be necessary to solve the problem. An important skill for any bike fitter is to know when to refer a client on to a physical therapist.

How long does a fit take?

On average, 120 minutes but if significant adjustments need to be made, it can take longer.

What about LED placement?

The process is subjective but electrodes should be placed accurately to allow for reliable and valid data to be obtained.

What do I need to bring with me?

To the fitting session, you will need to bring with you your bicycle, a set of appropriate cycling shoes and a set of shorts and short-sleeved top (ideally tight fitting to prevent any unwanted movement of the LED markers.

What does a Retül fit include?

The Retül fit process includes 3 components. Before the rider is analyzed on the bike, a physiotherapy screen takes place that looks at relative range of movement, flexibility and foot mechanics and structure. The findings are taken into consideration along with the dynamic fit data when individualizing a rider’s position. The client is then analyzed on the bike to obtain data on the position they are currently riding. Measurements are taken from both sides to look for any side-to-side differences- not something that is possible through a static or 2-D assessment. The results are then used to make any necessary adjustments. Data is taken again to view the affect of the positional changes. The aim of any fit is to obtain the most comfortable and efficient position and consequently the most powerful.

Why should I get a Dynamic Retül fit?

As the information is from dynamic data, not a static fit, what is actually happening during the pedal stroke with regard to range of movement is captured for analysis.

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