Essential post ride routine!

We all know of the importance of stretching after a day in the saddle but who really does it? Time is precious and we all have commitments so once back from a ride then its normally just straight in the shower, maybe a recovery drink at best! I have done endless different stretches but have put together some of my favourite and time efficient ones that really work, the routine takes less then 10minutes to complete so Im sure everybody can squeeze them in and I’m sure you will feel the benefit.

Bulgarian Squat


Most people spend a large amount of time in a leant forward seated position either sat at a desk or driving a car, this is then compounded by the hours you spend on your bike. This leads to tight hip flexors which can be responsible for discomfort both on and off the bike. This dynamic squat is an great way to offset those tight hip flexors.

– Elevate your rear foot

– Squeeze your glutes to start the stretch

– Keeping your glutes tight, bend the front knee until you feel a deep stretch through your hip flexors.

– Hold for around 60 seconds three times on each side.

Indian Knot


The glute muscles also suffer from too much time spent seated and is the opposite muscle group to the hip flexor. Maintaining their flexibility is important if they’re to function properly and this exercise is ideal for targeting the glutes.  It will also work on a smaller muscle known as the piriformis that can be responsible for referred pain in the back and legs.

– Sit on the floor with one leg bent in front so the heel rests near the opposite buttock.

– Cross the other leg over, maintain a strong upright posture and elongate through your spine.

– You should aim to distribute your weight evenly through both buttocks although don’t be surprised if one side is elevated. As you ease into the position it will even out.

– Hold for 30-90 seconds three times on each side.

Pretzal stretch 


Now this has been developed myself and also self titled! This is a great 2in1 stretch that works on your hamstrings while stretching your glute and also touches on the piriformis muscle again which is the one between you butt and the hamstring.

Hamstring tightness or inflexibility limits many riders’ ability to adopt a lower and more aerodynamic position on the bike. Whilst not a muscle group that we have to stretch due to time spent on the bike, they represent a major limiting factor for being able to ride fast for extended periods.

-Lay on your back, bend your knee and place the other foot over your quad.

-Grab the bent leg behind the knee and pull toward your chest so you feel a pull in the other glute.

-While you hold that position extended the grabbed to a straight position and repeat for 20 reps.

– Repeat each side for 3 times each leg