Ely monster middle triathlon

Well this is my last race before Barcelona so the last chance to test out my race plans. The race is a well attended event which attracts a decent number of athletes including pro Lucy Gossage! The bike course is flat so a good test to see what speed I can acheive with my target power.

We arrived the day before to register as had the triharder stand to set up and with the race starting at 7am it was going to be a very early start. We pitched our tent and set up the gazebo right in the heart of Ely which felt a little odd but saved any commuting in the morning!

After tea at the local pub and a couple of beers we retired to our very small but surprising comfy tent to settle down for the night trying to ignore the noise from the drunk people walking past. We later found out that we were on the route from the pubs to the train station!

The alarm went off at 4am and it was pitch black outside but managed to gather enough enthusiasm to get up and get things sorted. Bike racked, breakfast ate and the triharder stand set up all by 6am!

The swim is along the river and is a point to point which means there was a long walk to the swim start. Once there I just managed to catch the race brief and it was into the water ready for the start. I felt I swam my best so far this year hanging onto the feet of some fellow competitors until eventually had to stop to de-mist my goggles which was a shame. I was still pleased to exit the water in under 36min.

The run into T1 gave enough time to get most of the wetsuit off and with my bike shoes attached to my bike and no socks to put on I was very quickly onto my bike. Luckily there was no wind so ideal conditions for the bike, the roads however were not ideal! The surface was awful during some sections of race and as this was a 2 lap race you new you had to do them again! I felt good on the bike and controlled my pace well making sure I was not tempted to push too hard, sticking to my power targets. I unfortunately had to stop twice, once for wee and the other to pick up my Garmin that had fell victim to the not so smooth tarmac.  I still managed to come in 2.22 although the bike was 4miles short so not quite as good as it looks!

Just the run to go and not my favourite discipline but I have made great improvements this year so my times are no longer that disgraceful. I went out to try and pace around 8min/mile although it was a 4 lap run with 3 hills per lap so was gonna be tough. The first 9 miles went well and was only just over my target but over the last few miles my pace dipped as fatigue set in! I managed to take some electrolyte drink every feed station which I think really helped with not getting cramp and I even managed to pick the pace back up for the last half mile. I completed the run in 1:44:59 coming in 72nd out 240 with a total time of 4:46:45