LEJOG Day 10

Well this was it, the last day so just one big push required for us to get to John o’Groats. The weather forecast was not kind to us again with rain and strong winds of 20mph+, which were going to be a headwind. We went for the same strategy as yesterday with a full English … Continue reading LEJOG Day 10


We decided to go for a different strategy this morning and have breakfast before we left as the kind lady from the B&B agreed to make it at 6am! We went for the full english and I ended up eating double black pudding! I put Darren’s saddle up nearly two inches and we started our … Continue reading LEJOG Day 9


Darren awake this morning with fear and dread with what was to come for todays ride as there was some climbing planned and due to the location we could not find a planned stop for 66miles! I had also rounded the distance down of our final destination which is exactly what he would do to … Continue reading LEJOG Day 8


I awoke at 5.30 this morning facing the wall and wondering where the hell I was until I turned over and then remembered! Today was an efficient transition due to the fact the bikes were in our room we could ride straight out of the hotel! I decided to go for arm warmers this morning, … Continue reading LEJOG Day 7


Well Darren’s drug taking habit is getting early each morning as I awoke around midnight to the rustle of bags as he looked for his tablets, it is like a heroine addict getting his next fix! The alarm went off at the usual 5.30 for the normal morning ritual of porridge, tea, shower and chamois … Continue reading LEJOG Day 6


Well Darren went to bed last night at 8pm to prepare himself for today although he said he woke up in the middle of the night with sweat pouring off him. He awoke thinking he had a chest infection although later in the day convinced himself it was just a bad case of hay fever! … Continue reading LEJOG Day 5


After a very wet Day 3 were pleased to see the forecast was much improved from Wednesday although when the alarm went off at 5.30 it  still looked a little grey. Darren asked me to get up and pass him the ibuprofen which I think was more out of habit than for any medical need. … Continue reading LEJOG Day 4


Well today ends with me about to throw my Garmin out of the window! 3 days done and 2 lots of ride data lost! Just incase anybody wanted to know Les did not get lucky last night! We set the alarm at 5.30 and had tea and porridge just incase there was a sudden change … Continue reading LEJOG Day 3


When planning this trip, in a very loose term, my first thought was to ride from top to bottom with the thought of it being downhill however I learnt that the correct way was to go the other direction so you have the prevailing wind. The time of year to attempt the challenge was also … Continue reading LEJOG Day 2


I was going to post about the journey down here but ran out of time and went pretty well although found ourself lost at about 12.30am with the bonnet up after running out of water! We finally arrived at our YMCA hostel after 1pm and I found myself putting the final touches to Darren’s bike … Continue reading LEJOG Day 1