LEJOG 2018

LEJOG – Day 7

Tyndrum – Evanton 128miles We decided to go for an early start this morning although due to a slight mix up between me and Rob as to who was in charge of setting the alarm it was not as early as it should have been! Alistair was already down enjoying the continental breakfast and his opening … Continue reading LEJOG – Day 7

LEJOG – Day 6

Crawford to Tyndrum 98miles The topic we debated at breakfast this morning was why do they have square sausages up in Scotland but could not come up with any reasonable explanation in the end. Robert is still struggling to get his brain in gear in the morning as left his glasses, well Alistair’s actually as … Continue reading LEJOG – Day 6

LEJOG – Day 4

After 3 days in the mountains it was back to the flat today which brought it’s own issues of tackling some major towns and cities. The first of which was Warrington so we attempted to navigate the way trying to look at the garmin, point out potholes and not get too distracted by the ladies … Continue reading LEJOG – Day 4

LEJOG – Day 1

Well as expected Day 1 did not disappoint with being the toughest day of the trip! It is nearly 12am and I am only just getting round to writing this so I will keep it short today! After the usual tech issues and obligatory photo’s at the start we set sail slightly later than planned … Continue reading LEJOG – Day 1