Athlete of the month (March) – Pippa Joy

This is the regular monthly article where I will pick an athlete of the month that I coach. It will not necessarily be the top performing athlete but one that I feel has dedicated themselves and achieved great things in there own personal quest to improve as an athlete.

Who I have chosen and why?

Pippa is relatively new to cycling and has only been riding for a couple of years but has struggled with her breathing whilst riding due to her asthma. Pippa has stuck to the programme religiously getting the sessions done despite working long shifts which means does not get on the bike until late in the evening! The power is up 20% from the start of the plan and more importantly, the asthma is under control while riding now so able to enjoy riding outside even in the cold weather! 

Well done Pippa, keep up the good work!

This again goes to show what consistency can achieve! #trainsmart 


Pippa Joy



How long have you been cycling and what got you into it?

Started in Feb 2014 when I embarked on a challenge to ride 100 miles for every month my daughter was alive, sadly in the July, I broke my leg which lead to almost 2 years off the bike.

What’s your dream bike?

Don’t have a particular one comfort is the biggest factor for me, that and one I can lift easily in and out of the car.

What are your goals for 2018?

Norwich half marathon, Moonwalk in London, Nottingham outlaw half and Lap of Anglia plus anything else that takes my fancy!

What is your favourite Ride Harder training session?

The longer sweet spot sessions, they are tough but always feel a sense of achievement when I finish them.

Favourite cycling/training quote?

Not sure if its training related but I love the saying “tomorrow is another day”. Doesn’t matter how tough today is you get to start again tomorrow.

What’s the best piece of equipment you have purchased to help you improve as a cyclist?

My power meter, I love training to the numbers.

How have you improved since being coached?

My overall fitness and asthma control. Day to day activities are so much easier, I love being able to walk up a flight of stairs now without wheezing and I’ve managed to reduce my asthma meds much to the Dr’s surprise!

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced since starting structured training and how have you overcome it?

Being a nurse means I’m on my feet for 12 hours a day and so training when I get in late, is the biggest challenge both mentally and physically. I make sure my kit is out before I head to work, I pack a snack for the drive home and most importantly when I walk into the house the first thing I do is put my kit on, I’m often on the bike within 10 mins of getting home, any longer and I’m tempted to not do it!

What one bit of advice would you give to someone who wants to improve their cycling?

Follow a structured plan but appreciate that sometimes life just gets in the way so it’s important to maintain a balance.