Athlete of the month (January) – Jane Hannah

This is the first in the series of monthly articles where I will pick an athlete of the month that I coach. It will not necessarily be the top performing athlete but one that I feel has dedicated themselves and achieved great things in there own personal quest to improve as an athlete.

Who I have chosen and why?

This first client I have picked is Jane Hannah who is now into her second year of my winter training plan and making some impressive gains by increasing her FTP by 11.5% in 4 months since the start of the plan and came into the plan as an already fit athlete. Jane is one of my most committed athletes and will make sure the sessions get done even if this means getting on the turbo at 4am which  has been known. Consistency is the key to improving with any training plan and Jane certainly does that.  Well done Jane



Jane Hannah


Sport & Education Manager

How long have you been cycling and what got you into it ?

I cycled loads as a kid but then hadn’t rode in years and after my first marathon in 2010 a company I had been working with called Dair invited me to my first Sportive in the West of Ireland, without a bike and not having ridden in ages I of course agreed straight away. Got myself a road bike through the Bike to Work Scheme did a few weeks training and off I went. It was an 87 mile hilly ride which I finished and that’s what got me hooked.

What’s your dream bike ?

Oh I am not sure. I love my Boardman

What are your goals for 2018 ?

To keep increasing my FTP so that when I complete Barcelona Ironman in October my average speed is the quickest it can be to help me get a PB. I would also like to do more TT, they scare me a bit but no one improves sitting in their comfort zone!

What is your favourite Ride Harder training session ?

I like the long sweet spot sessions

Favourite cycling / training quote ?

Don’t be Weak!

What’s the best best piece of equipment you have purchased to help you improve as a cyclist ?

100% buy a power meter and I’ve gone for one on my bike so I can use it outside and indoors on the turbo. I love training to power, gives a real focus both through the winter turbo sessions and also when back out on the road. I used it properly in the Ironman bike leg last year and the run was so much better because of this.

How have you improved since being coached ?

Very much so and I totally love having the structure of the Ride Harder plan. No one wants a red session on Training Peaks do they. My FTP is continually improving now which is good

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced since starting structured training and how have you overcome it ?

Fitting in a rest day has now become a challenge as I have to fit in the 3 triathlon disciplines along with a weekly strength and conditioning session. The good thing is all of the sessions are on Training Peaks well in advance so I can have the flexibility to move them around slightly to fit them all in.

What one bit of advice would you give to someone who wants to improve their cycling?

Get a training plan, set your zones early and commit to the plan.